How Our Parish is Funded


Since our very beginning, we have relied first and foremost on two sources of funding that have enabled us to carry out our mission:

Weekly Mass Contributions

Weekly Mass Contributions have funded our everyday work: our worship, our ministries, and our outreach.

Fruitful Harvest Campaigns

Fruitful Harvest Dovetail Campaigns have funded the building of our facilities & church.

Learn more below about each of these important ways in which you can support our mission of building God's Kingdom here on earth.

Weekly Mass Contributions are the financial life blood of our parish. What we have done in the past, what we do today are tied to these gifts, and where we go next as a parish will depend on our level of tithing.
From the very beginning, our whole community has been dedicated to our mission of providing affordable and accessible Catholic education to ANY parishioners who desire it, regardless of income level. To that end, we have had a tuition-free school since our doors were opened over 20 years ago. Our parish is one of the relatively few in the nation that offers tuition-free Catholic education, and we have sustained our success because of our parish's commitment to Weekly Mass Contributions. Not only have we maintained this affordability, we’ve done it with educational excellence through our award-winning school. It’s each parishioner's Weekly Mass Contributions that support this choice in education and the raising of our kids in the faith. Even if you do not send a child to our school, your Weekly Mass Contributions are allowing some other family to send their children to our Catholic school. Perhaps a family who would not otherwise be able to afford to attend.
Although our school is our largest ministry, Weekly Mass Contributions support so much more. Your gifts support our worship and allow us to bring Christ to thousands of people through the sacraments. Your gifts help bring people into the church through RCIA and help form our faith lives through Bible Studies or other faith formation programs. Your gifts help us introduce our kids to Christ in our school, our PRE program, and our youth ministries. Your gifts create opportunities for each of us to form relationships with God and one another through Christ Renews His Parish, our Young Adult Ministry, our Mom’s Group, our Marriage Ministry or one of our other community building ministries. Your gifts help us build God’s Kingdom in our homes, in our parish, and in our community. And we are thankful!

Every dollar counts. Every dollar helps determine what we can – or what we cannot – do as a parish community. We want to do more! Our world needs us now more than ever. And because of that, here is our ask:

A Quick Guide to Tithing

"All tithes of the land, whether in grain from the fields or in fruit from the trees, belong to the LORD; they are sacred to the LORD."

Leviticus 27:30

"On the first day of the week each of you should set aside and save whatever one can afford..."

1 Corinthians 16:2

When determining what amount to give to the parish as an offering, we encourage each family to give 10% of their gross income back to God using the following as a general guideline, remembering that God will never be outdone in generosity!

See below for an illustration of how this method would impact your Weekly Offertory.

In order to do all of the things we do, we need a place to do them.  And that's where Fruitful Harvest Dovetail Campaigns come in. Fruitful Harvest Dovetail Campaigns have funded our school, our church, our parking lots, and now our new Adoration Chapel! Every two years, the Bishop holds a Fruitful Harvest campaign which is a mechanism for each of us to support the ministries of our Diocese. Additionally, as part of these Fruitful Harvest campaigns, our parish has had the ability to also raise money for the building up of our own parish through what’s called a "dovetail". If you want to see the impact of these dovetail campaigns over the years, look no further than our beautiful church! These Fruitful Harvest Dovetail Campaigns are our mechanism for affording our beautiful property so that we have a space to do our work and so that we don’t have to take money away from our ministries & programs to do it.

Currently, we are holding the 2018 Fruitful Harvest campaign, and we are once again having a dovetail campaign so that for the first time ever, our parish can establish a Facility Maintenance Fund.

Many resources are required to maintain our aging facilities. In the past several months alone, we’ve needed to replace our church roof, continue with the repair of our parking lot and walkways, and replace several of our heating and cooling units. For the first time, the upcoming Fruitful Harvest Dovetail Campaign will allow us to establish a Facility Maintenance Fund so that costs such as these are not taking money away from the Weekly Mass Contributions that support the ministries and programs that change people’s lives and bring people to Christ.

Because of this need, here is our ask of each family: