Homily: Aug 11, 2013

Pax et Bonum!

Jesus tells us today, “For where your treasure is, there also will your heart be.”  Don’t we all find this to be true in all of our lives?  We put our money in what we believe in, what we like or enjoy.  We invest in and get invested in what we love, what we are connected to, whether that’s God or golf, or Faith or football, or Christ or cars.  And this goes way beyond just our money, to our time, our energy, our priorities, and in fact every aspect of our life, is affected by where we put our heart, what we love.  Many times this defies reason and logic, and can sometimes get us into a great deal of trouble.  The parents that can’t afford to put food on the table for their children, but who have the latest and greatest cable TV and internet service.   The person who loves gambling, or alcohol, or drugs so much, that their addiction trumps every other aspect of their lives.  It is the consumer who wants the new dress, or new phone, or new computer, but who really can’t afford it because of their other bills and responsibilities.  Sometimes, many times, our heart, our desires, can get us into big trouble, when logic and reason don’t or can’t put the brakes on.  What are you invested in, today as you come to Mass?  Where is your heart?

A couple months ago, at the beginning of summer, I was talking with one of our younger parishioners, and he was telling me that he was saving his money.  He said he was going to work hard this summer, doing chores and little jobs, and he was going to save all of his money to buy a new baseball mitt.  I gotta tell you, I was impressed.  In an age where I thought kids only saved for video baseball games, this young man was actually saving for a mitt to play the real thing.  I was pretty impressed.  But the drive, the determination, the commitment, to get that new baseball mitt was certainly there.  The kid loved baseball.  He wanted a new mitt to help improve his game.  The young man was willing to sacrifice, to save, to delay gratification in order to get what he wanted.  Last week I saw him again, and I asked him, “Did you get your new mitt?”  And with a big smile on his face, he told me that he had.  Then, he went on to tell me how he was now saving for the latest video baseball game.  I’m telling you, we are raising perfect, little consumers!  The question that I ask myself about that boy is, what do we have to do as Church to get that young man to be as invested in Jesus Christ, as he is in baseball?  That’s our challenge isn’t it?  There is no doubt that that young man loves baseball.  He worked for it.  He sacrificed for it.  He was committed to it.  It was where his heart was.  How many things like that, do all of us have?

And yet, as Jesus reminds us today, we’ve first and foremost got to store up for ourselves treasure in Heaven.  All of our earthly things will pass away.  So much of what we make our priorities today is not going to matter much when we leave this world.  Then, where are we going to be?  A big bank account, a huge house, a newer car, a better baseball glove, none of those are going to do us much good in the next life.  And we’ve got to get this straight.  We mix up our priorities.  We are investing and invested in too many things that aren’t going to help us when we leave this world.  The time to re-prioritize our lives is now.

If someone looked at your checkbook, or your last credit card bill, or your monthly household budget, would they be able to tell that you were a Catholic Christian?  Are you invested in your Faith?  Or are you just simply going through the motions?  We’ve got to want that Kingdom!  Jesus tells us today, “the Father is pleased to give you the Kingdom.”  But we’ve got to want that Kingdom!  We’ve got to long for it!  We’ve got to be preparing for it every day, and in every way!  We are to be ready all the time.

You can tell where people’s hearts are, by what’s important to them.  May the world always know what is important to each one of us, by our great love for Jesus!  He is our greatest priority.  He is our best investment!

May God bless us this day,  Father, Son, and Holy Spirit…                                            AMEN !!!

St. Maria Goretti…                           Pray for us !!!