Homily: December 6, 2015


+ Pax et Bonum!  Peace and goodness to you this day!

The other night, I was writing some letters in my room at the rectory, and I had the TV on, not paying any attention to it.  It was on kinda as background noise, and also because I was waiting for the 11:00 o’clock local news to come on.  So I wasn’t paying very close attention at all, to what was on TV.   Now, probably a lot of you do this also.  The TV may be on, but nobody is really paying attention to it.  It really is, just, kinda, the background noise soundtrack to our lives.   And then a funny thing happened, without looking up at the TV, I noticed that every time the commercials came on, they were louder then the TV programs.  And when I wasn’t watching the TV, you kinda got the idea that each one was shouting a little bit louder, trying to out shout the other ones.

One of the loudest commercials was that Ray Skillman guy, with the southern accent.  Now I think that Ray Skillman sells about every kind of car that they make on the southside of Indianapolis.  But the worst commercials, the loudest commercials, are the ones for Ray Skillman Mitsubishi.  Plus, it just drives me crazy to hear that guys try to say “Mitsubishi” with a southern accent.

The next loudest commercials on TV right now, are those Arby commercials, with that guys that sounds like James Earl Jones, you know, “We have the meats!”   If you aren’t watching the television, and those commercials come on, they’ll scare you, they are so loud.  It’s like Darth Vader selling roast beef sandwiches at the top of his voice.

And finally, another group of really loud commercials are the Menard’s commercials.  And they even have that loud jingle, “Save Big Money at Menards!”  The jingle is always the loudest part of the commercial.  And then, of course, you hate it, because like one of your favorite songs, that Menard’s jingle will get in your head, and you walk around singing it all day.  Do you do that?  I do that.  I caught myself walking into the funeral home the other day, singing  “Save Big Money at Menards!”.

On this Second Sunday of Advent, our main man is St. John the Baptist.  And according to St. Luke, St. John the Baptist was a voice crying out in the desert.   You know what this means?  It means that St. John the Baptist was loud.  If St. John the Baptist were around today, he’s probably be selling Mitsubishis.

But two-thousand years ago, St. John the Baptist was out there in the desert, shouting at the top of his voice, that people need to repent and get Baptized.   And he must have been pretty loud, because people heard him.  People did get baptized.  And people did repent of their sins.  And people did change their lives!  And all of this was to get ready for public ministry of Jesus Christ.

During this second week of Advent, St. John the Baptist continues to shout at us.  The problem is, of course, that we have lots of people shouting at us these days:  the sports announcers, car dealers, Donald Trump, Jimmy Fallon, and so many others.  It is hard for us to hear St. John the Baptist’s message in the middle of our already noisy world.  And yet, this week is our chance to repent and live out our Baptisms.  We must listen.  We must hear him.  And we must give God the chance to change our hearts!

But we’ve got to listen to St. John the Baptist and to God!  Their message isn’t just another loud commercial.  St. John the Baptist and God are calling us to get ready for everlasting life.  They are offering us something so much more than a new Mitsubishi.  We need to listen.  We need to repent.  We need to change all those things in our lives that we need to change.  We need to be ready and watching for our Lord’s return.  This time, we need to pay attention.  This is not just another commercial.  But this is our chance for eternal life.

May God help us to prepare our hearts.  May we be a Church watching and waiting!

+  And may God bless us this week,  Father, Son, and Holy Spirit…         AMEN !!!


St. Maria Goretti…             Pray for us !!!