July 26, 2020


+  Pax et Bonum!    Peace and goodness to you this day!

Wow, did you catch that, in our first reading today, from the First Book of Kings?  God asks young Solomon, “Ask something of Me, and I will give it to you.”  This is better than a blank check.  And it’s God Who is giving the blank check.  Can you imagine?  Have you ever thought about this happening?  I mean, this is way better than winning the lottery.  This is God Who created Hawaii, and the Swiss Alps, and Tuscany, and the oceans, and chocolate!  And God is asking Solomon, “What can I do for you?”  What would you ask for?  An Island?  A mansion?  A Ferrari or Lamborghini?  Beauty, popularity, intelligence?   It’s God so the possibilities are endless!  There’s no limit!  Think about that.

Solomon, who was King David’s son, and was going to succeed him as king, was a really young man at this point.   He had already won God’s favor, obviously, by being a good kid.  He was full of Faith, and trusted in God.  He prayed and worshipped God.  He led a good and holy life.  And he was a teenager who knew he was going to become king.  So Solomon asks God for something that only God can give: an understanding heart.  He says it will help him to judge God’s people as king and to be able to tell right from wrong.   And you talk about an answer.  It is exactly what we ALL ought to be asking for, and God is impressed.  God grants his requests and even God says, you didn’t ask for long life, or riches, or for me to kill an enemy for you.  Remember, God hears a lot of prayers.   Even God is impressed.

Fast forward to our Gospel today.  And Jesus in St. Matthew’s Gospel is still giving us these parables about the Kingdom of God.  One about a treasure.  One about a really fine pearl.  And one about a net full of fish.  And in the first two parables, just like with young Solomon, the man who finds the treasure, and the merchant who finds the really valuable pearl, both do everything that they can, to get the treasure, and to get the pearl.  Why, because they realize how important these things are.  It is the same way with the Kingdom of God.  Jesus has shown us how important the Kingdom is.  It is more valuable than anything else.  A hundred years from now, for most of us, it is ALL that is going to matter.  We should be seeking that Kingdom with all our hearts, and all our souls, and all our minds, and all our strength.  It should be our number one goal in this life.  That’s what these first two parables are trying to tell us.  But we’ve got to realize it.  Before we lose the most important thing that God has for us, we’d better be really sure that we realize what we are giving up.  Because I don’t think we want to lose this Kingdom thing and eternal life.  And maybe, like Solomon, we need to be smart enough to choose the most important thing.    ***

You see, what are WE seeking in this life?  Are we only after the things of this world?  This world doesn’t last very long, so we’d better be quick, and enjoy them fast.  Or do too seek an understanding heart?  The Wisdom of God!  Do you realize how much more peace all of us would have, if we just had an understanding heart?  Hearts that saw things as God sees them, not as the world does.  Today we all pray for that kind of Wisdom!  What if God did ask you what He



could for you?  What would you say?   May we have the Wisdom to seek His will, and not our own!

+  May God bless us today and all this week, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit… AMEN !!!

St. Maria Goretti… Pray for us !!!