Junior Kindergarten


School Year

In Session when SMG School is in session (typically August – May)

Monday – Friday (see FAQs for potential 4 day/week option)

8am – 3pm

Child must be 4 before September 1st

Limited with first priority given to children previously in our 3 year old program, then SMG Parishioners based on parish registration date, followed by non-parishioners.

Tuition Breakdown
$160 per week
$576 per month
$5,760 per year
Note: Tuition excludes a one-time $75 supply fee and $50 per family registration fee.

Drop Off & Pick Up
Before & After School Care

Each day is guided by Jesus’ words found in John 15:12: “Love one another as I have loved you.”  The focus is on supporting children as they make decisions, build academic skills, develop socially, emotionally and spiritually, and become part of a classroom community. Children learn to love one another by sharing, taking turns, working and playing together, and growing at their own pace.


The curriculum is a mixture of spiritual, social, play and academic. Religion is incorporated into this curriculum. Age-appropriate activities are provided to enhance all learning. Attention is given to each child’s social development through interaction with adults and other children.

Junior Kindergarten drop-off is at 8:00am at the School Entrance off the north parking lot. Cars line up along the curb and teachers assist the children out of the car. SMG K-8 School Families have the option of early drop-off. See “Before & After School Care” tab for details.


Pick up occurs at 3:00pm in the north parking lot with the SMG School pick-up. Cars must be parked by 3:00pm, with engines turned off. The Junior Kindergarten Teacher escorts the children through the parking lot until they reach their parked vehicle. Once all children are in their vehicles, teachers direct cars to leave, following the flow of traffic in one single file line. If you are late to pick up, you will be directed to the late line, where your child will enter your vehicle. The late line is released once all other vehicles are cleared from the parking lot. Unless children take part in an after school care program (See “Before & After School Care” tab for details), all students are to be picked up by 3:15pm.

Early Drop Off

Junior Kindergartners with older siblings enrolled at SMG School may be dropped off during school drop off as early as 7:30am for an additional fee of $10/week.


After School Care

After school care is available at an additional fee through AYS, which specializes in providing high-quality, educational and safe programs for children outside of school hours at St. Maria Goretti. The AYS program ends at 6:00pm. The cost of the program this school year is $50 for up to 2 days per week or $70 for 3-5 days per week.

Who is eligible for this Junior Kindergarten Program? This program is meant for those who are preparing to enter Kindergarten the following year. This includes children who are at least 4 years of age BEFORE September 1st, or children who are 5 but not yet ready for Kindergarten. Children who are not 4 years old by September 1st should enroll in our 3's preschool program. Children who are 4 may enroll in either our Pre-K or Junior Kindergarten program, depending on the parent's preference for their child and availability.   Should children who have already participated in the Pre-K program sign up for the Junior Kindergarten program? Parents are free to decide whether they believe their child could benefit from participating in the Junior Kindergarten program after completing the Pre-K program, although there is no requirement to complete both prior to beginning Kindergarten.   Is there be an option for our children to enroll in the Junior Kindergarten program, but for fewer than 5 days/week? Possibly. Enrollment priority is first given to families enrolling for the full 5 days/week program. Families who desire only 4 days/week have the option of reserving a spot on a waitlist. In the circumstance in which the minimum number of children at 5 days/week is reached, those on the 4 days/week waitlist will then have the opportunity to enroll at the reduced week until such point that the maximum capacity has been reached. The annual cost of the program for only 4 days/week is $4,600 (or $460/month). First priority on this waitlist is given to children previously in our 3’s program, then SMG Parishioners based on parish registration date, followed by non-parishioners.   Please note that families who enroll for the 5 day/week program may not switch to 4 days/week after registering; however, families who have their children enrolled for 4 days/week may increase to 5 days/week during the school year.   Is there a discount for families with multiple children in the Junior Kindergarten program? Unfortunately we are not be able to provide a discount for multiple children.   Is financial assistance be available? Assistance may be available for families in need of financial assistance. This is based upon individual circumstances and availability of funds.   Who teaches the Junior Kindergarten program? The program is facilitated by a Teacher and a preschool aid, with a maximum of 20 children (ratio of 1:10). Although the teacher for the Junior Kindergarten program is not yet in place, they will have a degree in education. All personnel, paid or volunteer, will participate in Diocesan Safe & Sacred training and have a criminal background check.   Is there quiet time incorporated into the day? Yes, the day includes some quiet time.   Where does Junior Kindergarten program take place? The classroom is within St. Maria Goretti School, like our existing preschool program, although in a separate room.   Is lunch be provided? Hot lunches are available for a fee of $3 per lunch or children may bring their own lunch. The school provides a snack.   Are children required to wear uniforms? St. Maria Goretti School uniforms are not required for Junior Kindergartners. The dress code is casual, consisting of weather appropriate play clothes that promote freedom of movement and freedom from worry about spills, splatters, and dirt.