Books & Booklets

Booklets you may wish to purchase:


Grief and Loss CareNotes (Abbey Press)

Journeying Through Grief (4 booklets)   Author- Kenneth Hauck

Books you may wish to purchase:

 Depression – A Catholic Perspective (deals with topic of Suicide) Author: Aaron Kheriaty Saturday

How to Make Sense of Suffering   Author: Marguerite Duportal

Love is Stronger Than Death  Author: Peter J. Kreeft

Making Sense Out of Suffering   Author: Peter Kreeft

Suffering: The Catholic Answer: The Cross of Christ and Its Meaning for You  Author: Hubert van Zeller

The Kiss From the Cross: Saints for Every Kind of Suffering   Author: Ronda De Sola Chervin

Tuesday Mornings with The Dads

Why Does God Permit Evil (Book)         Author: Dom Bruno Webb

The Greatest Gift-A Return to Hope     Author: John O’Saughnessy

When a Child You Love is Grieving       Author Harold Smith

Grieving with Grace                             Author Dolores Leckey

Books available in the St. Maria Goretti Parish Library:

Anticipatory Grief:

When You Know You’re Dying                                James E. Miller

Death is Hard to Live With                                      Janet Bode

The Final Gifts

When You Know You’re Dying                                James E. Miller


Chicken Soup for the Surviving Soul                            J. Canfield, M. Hansen

A Child’s View of Grief (Grieving death of Child)              Alan Wolfelt

After miscarriage                                                                  Karen Edmisten

Don’t Take My Grief Away From Me                                  Doug Manning

Gone But Not Lost (Grieving death of child)                     David Wiersbe

Good Grief                                                                             Granger Westberg

I am Wherever You Are                                                       N. A. Noel

I’ll Hold You In Heaven                                                        Jack Hayford

Sorrowing in Hope                                                               Elva Martin

The Bereaved Parents’ Survival Guide                               Juliet Rothman

Surviving the Death of a Sibling.                                         T.J. Wray

When Bad Things Happen to Good People                        Harold Kushner


Death is Hard to Live With                                                  Janet Bode

Healing Your Grieving Heart                                               Alan Wolfelt

You Are Not Alone                                                                Lynne Hughes


Gentle Willow                                                                        Joyce Mills

Someday Heaven                                                                  Larry Libby

Why Did Grandpa Die?                                                         Barbara Hazen