At SMG, teens entering their Sophomore year of high school are eligible to begin their spiritual journey of Confirmation formation. In order to be eligible to begin, teens should have completed a prerequisite foundational year as a Freshman. Options to meet this prerequisite are as follows: attending a Catholic high school, participating in TRUTH, or participating in FAITh classes which meet once a month from 7-9pm. If your teen has not completed one of the prerequisites and is going into the Sophomore or Junior year, your teen can complete one of the outlined options and become eligible for Confirmation the following year.

With freshmen required to complete a prerequisite year before enrolling in Confirmation, we’re offering a class for those who prefer a more academic setting! This class is led by four youth ministers and based on the Called to be Catholic text book. Homework and reports are included and more information can be found in the Confirmation Handbook. Students who want to enroll in both FAITh and TRUTH may do so at a discounted price.

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Ministry Description

2016-17 Confirmation Schedule
2016-17 Confirmation Registration
Confirmation Commitment Card

2016-17 FAITh Schedule
2016-17 FAITh Registration
Freshmen Commitment Card – Prerequisite Year

Service Hour Form                       Confirmation Checklist

If your teen has completed the prerequisite year, your teen is ready to start the Confirmation process, which looks like this…

  • One Year, starting with the Day of Recollection (required) and ending with Confirmation Mass the following year
  • Monthly formation meetings
  • Completing, in their own handwriting, a packet of 100 questions. Non-mandatory study sessions will be held to assist with this task.
  • Taking a test covering 50 questions from the packet and scoring at least 60% at the last class
  • Attending the mandatory Confirmation Retreat at Bradford Woods

Program Topics

Who is Jesus?     Morality and Service      The Sacraments     Scripture and Tradition     Prayer     Sin and Reconciliation     Mary and the Saints     The Liturgy     The Eucharist     The Church      Confirmation and the Holy Spirit     Incarnation, Trinity, Confirmation

Additional Forms:

Service Hour Form                         Confirmation Checklist                   Student packet

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