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Grief Support Ministry

Blessed are those who weep and mourn, they will be comforted (Mt 5:4)

St. Maria Goretti’s Grief Support Ministry seeks to comfort those who mourn lost loved ones by sending cards on behalf of the parish, by maintaining a resource list of relevant parish library materials and area programs, by offering speakers on topics of interest, and by facilitating the “Grieving with Great Hope” workshop series periodically. Its mission is to answer Jesus’s call to comfort those who mourn.

Grieving with Great HOPE Workshop

When: Thursdays from Sept. 14 – Oct. 12
Where: Parish Library

If you are grieving the loss of a family member or a friend, you are invited and encouraged to attend this five-session grief support workshop series that offers a prayerful, practical, and personal approach for anyone who is mourning the loss of a loved one. If you know of someone who is in need of grief support, please contact us so that we can help.

Registration is not necessary, but it would be helpful if you email or text Deb Krupowicz (, 317-873- 6564) or Tom Harford (, 317-590- 4158) if you plan to attend.


Ministry Description

Books & Booklets  l  CDs  l  Catholic Counselors/Social Workers  l  Catholic Bereavement Retreats

You can find additional resources and information below and in the links above.

Support Groups that meet regularly:

Grieving with Great Hope: Group that meets at St. Maria Goretti. Contact Deb Krupowicz (, 317-873-6564) or Tom Harford (, 317-590- 4158) for more details.

Tuesdays with the Dads: Group for men who experienced the loss of a child. Meets Tuesday mornings 7 a.m. Le Peep’s 8255 Craig St, Indianapolis, IN.  Contact Tom Harford 317-590-4158 (

Brooke’s Place: 317/705-9650   Created to heal hearts and provide hope to families and children who have lost a significant person in their lives.

Camp Healing Tree:    Provides a safe environment for Campers, ages 7 to 17 to share grief experiences.  The camp teaches coping skills while engaging the youth in fun activities such as rock climbing, swimming, archery, crafts, and games.  The cabins are air-conditioned and comfortable.


St Vincent Hospice Bereavement Support Groups:  There is No Charge to You!

For questions & location information please call 317-982-3573

“I Am The Legacy”:  Monday evenings beginning April 17, 2017. A six part series addressing the loss of a parent.  Learn what to expect during the grieving  process as it impacts physical, emotional and spiritual levels of functioning. Registration is required 338-4008

Memorial Service: Offered as a way to honor your loved one in a compassionate and uplifting program. RSVP is encouraged.


General Information:

Dealing with Anger Toward God (The Transformed Soul)  Is it wrong to be angry with God,

General Grief Information: Symptoms and Myths of Grief and Coping Skills

Grief: Does It Ever End?  Grief unites us with Christ, Living with Grief, Ways to help a grieving person


 Special Situations (Websites):

Children Website Resources: Ages: Newborn to Teens

How to help a grieving child

Loss of a Child: Support after loss of a child

Loss of a Child through Miscarriage or Neonatal Loss:

Loss due to Homicide:

Loss due to Suicide: CCC 2282“Grave psychological disturbances, anguish, or grave fear of hardship, suffering, or torture can diminish the responsibility of the one committing suicide.”  Understanding struggles- coping with loss, grieving, worried about someone- preventing

Loss of a Veteran:

Loss due to Violence:

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