Sisterhood of Marietta

With guidance from our Patroness St. Maria Goretti,  we have a group for our young ladies! Have you ever felt like God desired more for you in friendships? Are you wondering what it really means to be a Catholic woman today? Does the world’s message of femininity not sit well with you?

We are blessed to have a Patroness who can guide you to Christ. Marietta is the nickname of our St. Maria Goretti, and she is our guide. This groups focus is to live the faith of St. Maria Goretti and incorporate it into our parish life.

Ministry Description

The Sisterhood of Marietta is a ministry that serves the high school girls of the parish. We will meet once a month to plan group activities, community service, and we will have a special emphasis on Mass participation. As a counterpart to the Temple Knights of the Holy Eucharist, which is a group for high school boys, the Sisterhood of Marietta will serve the community during Mass as Lectors, Ministers of Welcome and praying the rosary before Mass.  As a group, the girls will learn about and celebrate their place in the Church and the “Feminine Genius” that St. Pope John Paul II wrote about.  By combining fellowship and service, the girls will find meaning in their roles as members of the Body of Christ.

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