Catholic Ministries Appeal 2020


...for the ministries of the Diocese of Lafayette-in-Indiana replaces the Fruitful Harvest campaigns from the past, and is part of the continuing changes happening within our Diocese and parish community. For St. Maria Goretti, these changes include a fundamental shift in the way much of our work will be funded. With your help both St. Maria Goretti and the ministries of the Diocese of Lafayette-in-Indiana can greatly benefit.

How has St. Maria Goretti’s funding model been changed?

By reducing our reliance on Diocesan appeals and associated dovetail campaigns, allowing for a more streamlined approach to parish funding, and a greater level of autonomy in these funding efforts than ever before.

Since the very beginning when St. Maria Goretti was still a mission of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, our parish has relied heavily on biannual Fruitful Harvest campaigns to provide the necessary funding needed to build and sustain our parish. This funding was in addition to the weekly offertory we have always received. Although this model has been very successful throughout our first 20 years, it has required a significant level of reliance on the diocese as we have sought to raise the funds needed to build our community while carrying out our mission. With our parish now beyond our initial building stage, it is time to refocus on our next important phase as a parish community; that of refinement and of expanding our reach out into the world. To be effective in this new stage of our parish life, it is imperative that we shift our funding method away from our ongoing reliance on diocesan capital campaigns aimed primarily at building, and towards a greater-than-ever reliance on our weekly parish offertory which is the financial life-blood of our parish work and ministry. Therefore, beginning this year, our reliance on the diocesan appeals will come to an end.


How can you help St. Maria Goretti achieve this goal?

By allocating a portion of your normal Fruitful Harvest pledge amount to your parish offertory.

In order for the transition to this new funding model to be successful, we are asking all parishioners who have given to Fruitful Harvest in the past to give the same total amount as you have given to the past Fruitful Harvest campaign, or whatever you are able, but to allocate that total amount as follows:
1. Pledge one-quarter (25%) of that total to this year’s Catholic Ministries Appeal; and
2. Increase your prior commitment to Parish offertory by the remaining three-quarters (75%) of that total amount.
By doing this, you will help the Diocese to successfully carry out its many ministries to our people and our parishes, while ALSO helping our parish to achieve the freedom from our reliance on capital campaigns as we seek to carry out our shared work of Building God’s Kingdom. See below for an example:

Example for how you might determine your gifts:

In October 2018, Joe and Suzy Smith made a $60 per month pledge towards the 2018 Fruitful Harvest Campaign.
In February 2020, Joe and Suzy Smith committed to contribute $200 per month to St. Maria Goretti's regular offertory.

Therefore, Joe and Suzy are contributing $260 ($60 + $200) per month in total.

In order to achieve a successful transition to our new funding model, we are asking Joe and Suzy to continue contributing a total of $260 per month, or whatever they are able, but to allocate their new gifts as follows:
1. Pledge one-quarter (25%) of their previous Fruitful Harvest pledge to the new Catholic Ministries Appeal. This pledge would equal $15 per month.
2. Increase their prior commitment to Parish offertory by the remaining three-quarters (75%) of their previous Fruitful Harvest pledge. This increase would raise their regular offertory to $245 per month.

In total, Joe and Suzy are still contributing $260 ($15 + $245) per month in total.