April 5, 2020


+ Pax et Bonum!   Peace and goodness to you this day!

Remember a few years, they had all those “I “heart” bumperstickers?    I think that maybe the first one I saw, was “I “heart” N Y” or I love New York.  But then they were every where, and we hearted everything!  I heart my dog.  I heart Pizza.  I heart rock and roll.   And all of a sudden, we a had a new way of expressing our love for things.  DIdn’t even have to say “love”, just drew the big red heart.  Maybe that’s where emoji’s came from, I don’t know.  But we are always finding new ways to express our love.

Just think of how many ways, just in these couple of weeks, we’ve learned to express our love for our neighbor, in the middle of this Coronavirus.  People are helping our older folks get their groceries.  Our medical folks, doctors, nurses, and their support staffs, are putting in extra hours and taking extra precautions to help heal the sick and to keep the healthy, healthy.  People are sharing resources, and writing notes and cards, and the kids are even writing messages of love and concern in chalk on the sidewalks, just to brighten their neighbor’s day.  Even in the midst of the pandemic, we are finding new and creative ways to say “I love you!”  It’s really kinda cool!

This evening, as we celebrate a very different Palm Sunday, we hear Jesus’s greatest expression of His love, His passion and death on the Cross.   And for as hard to listen to, as these words are, we get reminded once again this year, this is how much Jesus loves us.  Jesus loves each one of us enough, that He would die on that cross for us.  It is a great love.  It is the ultimate message of love.  That someone, here namely God the Son, the Second Person of the Holy Trinity, would lay down His life for us!  This is beyond friendship, or family relationship, or even married love.  This is a love that says that I value you so much that I will give up my very self, to make sure that you have a chance to live.  That’s what Christ did for us on that cross.  We need to think about that this coming week, as we celebrate Holy Week.

And more than just thinking about it, we have to ask ourselves, how are we doing at loving Jesus in return?  We can’t just be loved like this, at this kind of level, and not be affected by that kind of love.  We must respond.  The Gospel says, that if we love Jesus, we will keep the Commandments?  Do we?  Jesus’ s love was a sacrificial love.  He gave everything for us.  How sacrificial is our love?   Are we willing to make sacrifices for God and for our brothers and sisters?   This love changes everything.  Jesus’s love changes us.  Let’s live this way, this week!

+ May God bless us this Holy Week…   Father, Son, and Holy Spirit…     AMEN !!!

St. Maria Goretti… Pray for us !!!