August 11, 2019


+  Pax et Bonum!    Peace and goodness to you this day!

Perhaps, it is because as we get older, we all know how important our gastro-intestinal system can be, we keep on hand, or at least in our medicine cabinet, all sorts of different kinds of medications, to keep us on track, so to speak, when it comes to our digestion.  And so, every year, we try and eat right, with just enough fiber, and just enough yogurt, and just enough green leafy vegetables.  Each year we also spend millions of dollars on Antacids, Pro-Biotics, Gas X, and other drugs like Mylanta, and Maalox, and Tums, and Rolaids, and Prilosec, and Prevacid, and Zantac, and Imodium, and Kaopectate, and Pepto-Bismol, the pink stuff.   And how many of us know the names of these drugs?  That’s partly because of the advertising that we see on TV and the computer, and hear on the radio.  But chances are, the real reason that we know the names of these drugs, is that most of us, have some of those medicines in our medicine cabinets at home, or in a drawer in our kitchens.  And we have them there, JUST IN CASE!!! Sometimes, if we’re really concerned, if we really, really want to be ready, we even carry some of these medications around with us in our purse or in our pockets, or keep some in our vehicles.  Why?  Because getting sick to our stomach is NOT fun.  And if it happens, we want to be ready, we want to be prepared!   Thank God, there’s pretty much a medicine for all our gastro intestinal needs.   Is this a great country or what!

I mention all this today, not to make anybody feel sick to their stomach, but as an example of how prepared we can be, when we want to be.  We can be really prepared when it comes to us having stomach problems.  We can be really prepared when it comes to our car insurance.  We can be especially prepared when it comes to investing for our financial futures or planning for our retirements.   And yet, sometimes, my brothers and sisters, we are really are not prepared for our ultimate futures with God.  And that’s what this Parable today is all about.

The Master in the Parable goes away for a wedding feast.  We don’t know a lot about where He goes, or how long He’s going to stay, or what He takes as a gift to the wedding.  The story is less about the Master, then it is about the servants awaiting the Master’s return.  They have jobs to do.  They have preparations to make.  They are supposed to be ready, and to stay ready, for the Master’s return.  But do they?  And are they ready?

Much more importantly, how about us?   Today, we are the servants that God leaves in charge, while He goes away to the wedding feast.  We are tasked with being busy building the Kingdom of God, obeying the Commandments, AND with being ready and waiting for the Master’s return.  How ready are we for that?

Our New Life is Christ is supposed to change us.  We should be different.  We are going to need to at least begin to be more ready for Christ return every day!    And being ready, being prepared for Christ’s second coming is not about an actual time or place.  Instead it is much more about what we choose to do while we are waiting.


We have been given specific instructions and commandments on how we are supposed to be living.  There is no time to waste in preparing for and participating in God’s Holy Kingdom.  That Kingdom is now.  It is here.   We should be as ready and prepared for that Kingdom and our Lord’s return, as anything else.  We should even be more prepared for it, than we are anything else!  Even more prepared than we are for a stomach ache!!!

This is the Faith which is the realization of what is most hoped for, most desired of all!  And it’s way more than a healthy gastrointestinal system!   This is redemption in Jesus Christ!  This is the Faith that gives us the desire, just as it gave Abraham the desire, to obey God’s call, and the courage to go wherever God has prepared for us to go.  My brothers and sisters, we are prepared!  We have been made ready by the Grace of God!  So in prayer and action, we keep ourselves prepared for the return of our Master!  We’ll do whatever we need to, to be ready.  We can sell our belongings and give alms to the poor.  We can gird our loins and light our lamps to protect ourselves from thieves.  We can know God’s will and follow it unreservedly in our lives.  Let us do all of these things and let us stay ready!  And let us be prepared to rejoice when we once again see our Lord, Jesus Christ, once again in His glory!   That, we don’t want to miss!

We don’t want to miss it because we were in the bathroom.  We don’t want to miss it for any reason whatsoever!

+  May God bless us as we await His return,  Father, Son, and Holy Spirit…    AMEN !!!

St. Maria Goretti…               Pray for us !!!