August 4, 2019


+  Pax et Bonum!    Peace and goodness to you this day!

Oh man, we come to Mass today, and these are hard words for us to hear.  Jesus is talking today to those of us living in the world and who have “things”.  And as we come to Mass today, boy do we have things!  We live in one of the wealthiest parts of one of the wealthiest countries in the world.  We have all kinds of things.  Even the poorest amongst us, have lots of things.  We have so many things, that they are building those U-Storage places all over the place.  Have you noticed that?  It sounds like it comes right out of today’s Gospel.  We have so many things that we have to build, or rent, more space for storage.  And this is not good.

And of course, the other part of the story is that when you have lot of things, you have to worry and take care of all those things.  You gotta a car, then you know, you gotta take care of it.  You gotta change the oil.  You gotta buy tires once in awhile.  And things are going to break on it and wear out.  And you are going to have to be concerned about all those things, or else one day, your car, or truck, or SUV will leave you stranded on the side of the road.  And then you’ll have to worry about that!  But it is not just our cars, it’s our homes!  How many things have you had to worry about on your home in the six months?  The windows, the plumbing, the roof, the carpet, are all so many things to worry about!   And then, do you have a computer?  Or a cell phone?  Or an I-pad?  Or pretty much anything electronic?   Electronic things are like magnets for issues.  That’s why Best Buy invented the Geek Squad!   We have lot of things, and lots more than what I just mentioned.   And with all of our “things” come all sorts of problems.  Literally, if you even have a couple of these things, you could be visiting a repairman for something every week.   And you’re going to have problems, and worries, and headaches, all because of your things.

The Gospel today starts out with a man who has a problems.  This man and his brother have inherited some more things, and now he can’t get his brother to give him his share of the inheritance.  Once again, another kind of problem caused by our things, who do they belong to, and who are they going to belong to, after we die?

So Jesus tells the brother this parable of this rich man who has lots of things.  He is blessed.  We would all say that he is blessed!  He’s got a lot of things.  He’s got all those things that we would all want, and that we would love to have in our house, or in our garage, or in our yard!  The rich man has so many of those “things”, and maybe he doesn’t want to rent a storage unit, so he builds more buildings for all his things.    He’s got barns and buildings covering all his land.  Maybe, he even has to go buy more land, to build more storage units on!  But when he is done, the rich man is set!  He is even richer!   And he’s got lots of things, and buildings, and land, and money to last for many years!  It sounds like that old TV show,
“The Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous”.   Doesn’t it?  He’s got what we all want!





But there’s a problem.  All of Jesus’ parables have that surprise, that twist at the end,  that changes everything.  The parables are a little like “Law and Order”.    And this Parable has a huge one!   The Rich man dies!   Didn’t see that one coming, did we?  Well, to be honest, neither did the rich man.   And what good does it do him?  Absolutely nothing!  In fact, by worrying about the wrong things, it may very well have cost him his soul?

Let’s get this right.  We are only in this world for a short time.  All of us.  This world is passing away.   If you think that a bigger house is the solution to your problems, you are wrong.  If you think that a new car, or new computer, or a bigger slice of your inheritance, or more buildings to store your stuff in, you are wrong.  If you think that anything that this world bombards us with every day, or holds so dear, or values so much,  is going to have any importance what-so-ever, when we get to Judgement Day, you are wrong.  There are no U-Haul trailers behind hearses.  When you go to leave this world, the only things that you are taking with you are your Faith, your love, and your sins, if you don’t confess them.  That’s the truth.

In the Parable, Jesus calls this rich man a fool.  Did you catch that?  Jesus doesn’t call too many people “a fool” in the Bible.  He had invested in the wrong things.  And then he was gone.  How about you?  If you died tonight, what have you invested in?  Your time, your talent, your treasure?  Would Jesus call you “a fool”?  And what would you have left, if all your “things” were gone?

+  May God bless us, and help us to live holy lives,  Father, Son, and Holy Spirit… AMEN !!!

St. Maria Goretti…  Pray for us !!!