Homily: Dec 7, 2014


+ Pax et Bonum!  + Peace and Goodness to you this day!

This time of year, there are all kinds of tickets that we would all like to have and events and activities that we would all like to go to:  Colts tickets for the final games of the regular season.  Tickets to the Christmas show at Beef and Boards Theater.  Tickets to the Purdue Glee Club’s Christmas show.  Tickets to the BIG Holiday movies.  Tickets to so many area concerts, and sport’s events, and holiday festivities.  There’s a lot going on these days.  And many of them are so popular, that we’d all like to go them.  And we can’t all go.  So the demand for some tickets is especially high during this time of the year.  Chances are, if you haven’t already got your tickets to many of your favorite holiday events, you may very well be out of luck for this year.  Really popular, and successful, and renowned events make it hard for every one to be able to attend.   No matter how much all of us want to!

Two-thousand years ago, I think we’d be very surprised at just how many people were going out to see St. John the Baptist in the desert.  At that time, St. John the Baptist was a hot ticket.  He, this wild prophet of a man, was changing people’s lives out there in the desert.  And people flocked to see and hear him.  He wasn’t in a theater.  He wasn’t in a stadium.  He wasn’t on a stage.   He wasn’t in a popular movie, to TV show, or on YouTube.  John the Baptist was out there in the desert.  In the middle of the sand, and wind, and cacti, he was speaking God’s truth and challenging people to be better.  It wasn’t comfortable.  It has got to be somewhat surprising to all of us, that so many people wanted to hear him.  John the Baptist wasn’t out there to make them feel good about themselves.  He was out there to help them to get ready for what God was about to do in the world.  Before Jesus could enter our world, St. John the Baptist was necessary to get us ready for the Christ.  And that, my brothers and sisters, is exactly what makes St. John the Baptist the perfect voice for our season of Advent.

Today. John the Baptist still calls each and every one of us to prepare the way of the Lord.  I wonder if John the Baptist appeared today if he would be as popular?  Who knows, perhaps he would be even more popular!  Today, even more than two-thousand years ago, we still hunger for the truth.  And when we can’t get the truth from too many other places, and when we have even less people telling us the truth today, maybe if John the Baptist were around today we’d all still want to go and see and hear him!  Deep down, we want to know and understand the truth.  God certainly understands this because He planted that desire deep within our hearts from the very beginning. St. John the Baptist also seems to really comprehend our need and desire for the truth.  John the Baptist knew that it was only by dealing with the truth, that we could be saved.  And the truth is that we are sinners.  We need a Savior.  We need God.  It all starts then, with repenting for our sins.  That’s the honest truth.  Nobody likes to deal with their sins and mistakes.  But to open the door for Christ, to truly get ready for what God has in store for us, that’s where we need to begin.

St. John the Baptist message is so important for us on this Second Sunday of Advent.  And most appropriate for all of us here at St. Maria Goretti, who have our communal Advent Penance Service this coming Tuesday evening.  We can’t go any further in our relationship with God, until we turn back to Him and seek forgiveness for our sins.  We can’t invite Him into our hearts and our souls, if our hearts and souls are filled with all sorts of other garbage.  A cleaning up, a purification must take place.  The Sacrament of Reconciliation is the perfect place to start.  No matter how long it has been since we’ve been to Confession, we need to be here this week to make things right with God.  God is calling us to repent.  This is not to make us feel bad about ourselves or guilty.  This is to truly open the door for God’s Grace this Advent.

John the Baptist lured thousands of people out to the desert.  They came because they believed that God could help them through him.  We must believe that the same God wants to help all of us today.  Let us give Him that chance!  Listen to His call!  Hear His invitation!  He wants to convert YOUR heart!

+ May God bless us in this second week of Advent,  Father, Son, and Holy Spirit…  AMEN !!!

St. Maria Goretti…                        Pray for us !!!