Homily: Dec 15, 2013


Pax et Bonum!  Peace and Goodness to you this day!

A few years ago, my Godfather, who is also one of my favorite uncles, was working on the outside of their house in northern Indiana, and he was up on a ladder.  And something or other happened, and my Godfather fell two stories, off the ladder, to the ground below.  It was a terrifying situation.  They took him to the Hospital right away, and they did a complete CAT Scan, and thank God, nothing was broken.  What the CAT Scan did show, and what they never would have known about, if he hadn’t fallen off that ladder, was that my Godfather had an aortic aneurism, that was very life-threatening.  Because they found it in time, they were able to go and surgically repair the aneurism, and save his life.  So what at first looked like a tragedy, or certainly could have been a great tragedy, was actually an event that ended up, saving my Uncle’s life.  We would all tease him later, saying that his Guardian Angel pushed him off that ladder, just so they could find the aneurism.  God really does work in ways that we would never suspect.

St. John the Baptist, was also an unlikely instrument of God.  This wild man, out in the desert, wearing animal hides and eating locusts, is not exactly who we might expect God would use to prepare the world for His imminent arrival.  Jesus Himself says, “Among those born of women there has been none greater than John the Baptist.  St. John the Baptist was a good and holy man.  He was a great preacher.  He was perfect for preparing the way for Jesus.  But he was not what they expected.  God surprised a lot of people out there in the desert.  Just like He, God, would also surprise a lot of people a little while later, with the birth of His Son in a stable.  God used St. John the Baptist.  And great things happened!

I think, what we want to ask ourselves, is what is God using this Advent, in these holy days, to change our lives?  It might not be as dramatic as knocking us off a ladder, or a horse, or sending us out to the desert to be Baptized by a wild man.   But make no mistake about it, my brothers and sisters, God IS reaching out to us, and God is trying desperately to change us, in these final days of our Advent season.  The real question is, are we going to let Him?  Are we going to let Him?  We can do so much good!  We, like St. John the Baptist, can prepare the way for Jesus.  But we’ve got to listen!  We’ve got to pay attention!  We can miss out on God’s surprising call and invitation because we are too busy, or listening to something else!

Today, we get a very real call and challenge from God, that comes to us from the Little Sisters of the Poor.  Today we are invited to share in the Sisters work at St. Augustine’s Home in Indianapolis.  As we try and do every Advent here at St. Maria Goretti, please welcome Sister to our Parish…

….  May God bless us this week,  Father, Son, and Holy Spirit…                                                 AMEN !!!

St. Maria Goretti…         Pray for us !!!