Homily: Feast of the Assumption

Pax et Bonum!

A good friend of mine who is a priest in Michigan, always wanted to go on a cruise.  He investigated the various cruise lines, and what they offered.  And after saving his money for long time, he and his sister and brother-in-law, signed up to go on a 10-day Caribbean cruise.  He was all excited about this trip, this vacation.  He talked about it for months.  And then, about six weeks before they were to leave for their trip, Royal Caribbean sent him a DVD of the boat that they were going to be on, of the places that they were going to stop and visit, and all of the fun things that they were going to be able to do on this one, particular cruise.  My friend was ecstatic!  It was just what he needed to get completely excited about his upcoming trip and to really look forward to what he was sure was going to be an incredible time.

I’ve thought a lot about that DVD that he received from Royal Caribbean.  What a really cool idea!  Wouldn’t it be nice if someone just mailed us a DVD of every place that we were going to go, and every thing that we were going to do?  Wouldn’t that make all of us feel a little more comfortable about our lives?

What if every vacation that we went on, came with a DVD that let you know what is was really going to be like?  Wouldn’t that be a good thing?  What if before you got married, someone sent you a DVD that described exactly what married life was really going to be like with your spouse?   Or what if before you started having children, you got a DVD in the mail that showed you what they were going to be like in twenty years, what they’d look like, and what they would be doing?  Or what if you could get a DVD of every new job that you ever started, that showed you what it was really going to be like to work for that company or organization?   Sometimes, we might NOT want to know what was going to happen.  But yet, isn’t there a security, a peace, even a certain satisfaction, in knowing what’s coming and where we’re going to be in the future.

Today, God doesn’t send us DVD.  But God does give us this amazing Feast Day of the Assumption of Mary, as our preview of where we are going one day.  We know, that where Mary went when she left this world, is exactly where we want to go, eventually, after we leave this world.  We want to be with her in Heaven.  We want to be with God, and His Angels and Saints!  Where Mary was assumed to is exactly what Jesus has promised us.  This Feast Day then becomes a preview for all of us, of what are future holds, and let me assure you, it is a very good future, IF… we stick with Christ!  IF… we avoid sin.  If… we love Him, and serve Him, and follow Him in this life.

Even though it happened a little differently for Mary, Jesus was the source of salvation for this holy woman also.  Just like us, Mary was given a promise, a promise, of incredible things if only she would obey and trust God.  What we celebrate today on this Feast Day, is God’s fulfillment of His promise to Mary.  At the end of her life, she who had been kept safe from sin from her first moment of conception in St. Ann’s womb, did not pay the price for sin which is death.  Instead, Mary was assumed body and soul into Heaven to receive her promised reward, the same reward, by the way, that has been promised to us.  Heaven is NOT just for sinless virgins.  And Heaven is not just for Popes and Cardinals.  And Heaven is NOT just for founders of religious orders or martyrs, or Church doctors.  Heaven is for all of us!  This Feast Day is to inspire all of us to follow Jesus even more closely, so that we are following His Way straight home to Heaven.  We are going to want to be there, in that number, as the old song goes.  The only question today is, what we doing about it?  You know, my friend saved for months to go on that cruise.  We save and sacrifice all the time for our vacations and trips.  What are you doing to get safely home to Heaven?  May Mary’s trip home inspire all of us to long for Heaven that much more!  We might get excited about going on a trip, or a cruise, or even doing something new and different, and yet, how much more excited should all of us be, for Heaven!

May God bless us on this Feast Day and get us ready,  Father, Son, and Holy Spirit…    AMEN !!!

St. Maria Goretti…             Pray for us !!!