Homily: Feb 10, 2013

+Peace and Goodness to you this day!

Perhaps one thing that we all know about is what it is like to be tired.  From the youngest among us to the oldest, everybody needs their rest.  Several studies indicate that today most of us don’t get the rest that we need.  That by the way, is NOT an excuse to sleep during this homily.  We are a worn-out people.  Sometimes I think that the very best thing that we could do for the world, is simply to declare a “nap time” for everybody.  Could you imagine how much nicer everybody would be, if they just took a little nap?  Other countries do it.  They call it “siesta”.  What a great idea, the whole country takes a nap from two to three in the afternoon, and everybody’s happier, and nicer, and healthier too!  We could do it.  It could work.  And we’d need a whole lot less caffeine too, so think of the money we’d save on Starbuck’s and energy drinks!

I mention all of this, because we come to Mass today, and Simon Peter has been up all night.  You want to talk about a tired camper.  And the worst thing is that he had been up night fishing, because that was the way that he made a living, and they hadn’t caught a thing, nothing, zero, zip!  This was not good news to a man who was counting on that catch that night, to pay his bills and feed his family.  And so Simon Peter is tired, he’s just pulled an all-nighter, as our college folks like to call them.  He has no fish, which means that he is not going to make any money.  His wife, and his mother-in-law are not going to happy with him either.  And then as they come into dock, there’s a carpenter there on the shore preaching, right where they are about to pull in.  Now, you guys know how much all of us love to preached to, when we are tired, and upset, and stressed out, and even a little angry.  It’s like the Mormons showing up at your door at the worst possible time, right?  So Jesus finishes His sermon, and then He turns His attention towards Simon Peter, and tells Simon Peter to take the boat back out and cast the nets again.  Now, knowing what we all know about tired and irritable, how exactly do YOU think that this is going to go over?  I’m surprised that Simon Peter didn’t deck Jesus!  I mean, Who is this carpenter showing up on the shore, and then telling the professional fishermen how to do their jobs?  What guts!!! Couldn’t He see how tired they were?  Didn’t He notice that the boat was empty and that obviously they had had a rough night?  Simon Peter must have been very angry.  There must have been some choice Hebrew words that Simon Peter would have liked to have used.  And yet, Simon Peter offers only a very subdues, gentle response, and then out of obedience, he does exactly what Jesus asked him to do.  And he was rewarded with the catch of his life!  This is when you know, you just know, that God is messing with you.  And Simon Peter knew it.  He knew that sea.  He knew where the good places to fish were.  He knew what times to find the fish.  And he knew that something bigger, and someone bigger was messing with him now.  Simon Peter was afraid.  He wanted Jesus to leave right away, because Simon Peter knew that he was a sinful man, and that sinful men shouldn’t be hanging around with this kind of power.  Jesus calls Simon Peter to be one of His Apostles, and nothing would ever be the same again.

Today, we also are called to be Jesus’ followers.  Just like Simon Peter, and James and John, and Mary Magdalene, we are invited by Jesus to follow Him.  And Simon Peter’s beautiful, humble response to Jesus in this Gospel text, is a great example for all of us on how to do this, EVEN when we’re tired, or angry, or stressed out, or worried.  Those times are exactly when we need God more, and not less.  Jesus walked into Simon Peter’s life at exactly the right time.  If the fisherman had been successful that night, he never would have known how much He needed God in his life!  We too have got to let God in at all times.  And the humility and obedience that Simon Peter shows are very important also.  If we don’t have humility and if we don’t show God obedience, we may never know the incredible and awesome things that God has in store for us!  It’s true!  We can do things our own way and keep failing miserably, and wear ourselves out even more.  Or we can do things God’s way, and really see how easy and peace-filled this life can truly be!

So, you a little tired and worn out today?  Let Jesus show you just how easy life is when we let Him be in charge.  Trusting entirely in God is an amazing way to live!  May all of us live that way today!

+May God bless us today,  Father, Son, and Holy Spirit… AMEN !!!

St. Maria Goretti…Pray for us !!!