Homily: Feb 24, 2013

+Peace and goodness to you on this Second Sunday of Lent!

All of the Gospel accounts of the Transfiguration, of which we hear St. Luke’s version today, are very amazing, very dramatic stories of an unprecedented event in the lives of Peter, James, and John.  These three have never seen anything like this before.  And they are all very much affected by the vision of the glorified Christ that that they are given on Mt. Tabor.  The accounts of the Transfiguration are remarkably in their agreement that Jesus’ clothes were very different during the miracle.  The text says that they became “dazzling” white.  Somehow, it is so hard to believe that that was the word that the three former fishermen, Peter, James, and John, would have chosen for what they saw that day.  And yet, the Gospel texts are in agreement, Jesus’ clothes were “dazzling”.  Now this sounds more like a Tide commercial, than a miracle, doesn’t it?  New and improved Tide, because Tide, which has been around for something close to a hundred years, is ALWAYS “new and improved”, Tide gets your clothes “dazzlingly” white.  What happened to Jesus’ clothes that made their brightness stand out?  This was a powerful experience for these Apostles.  And it wasn’t just the brightness of His clothes, Moses and Elijah appear with Jesus, there’s a cloud that kind of envelopes all of them, and then, just like at Jesus’ Baptism a few weeks ago, there’s the voice of God, telling them to listen to His Son.  It is quite a scene.  And it is meant to be a preview for the Apostles of the glory that lies ahead for their friend and teacher, Jesus.  Shortly, they would need that vision to get them through His arrest, and trial, and death.  Today, maybe we need that miraculous vision of Jesus too!

God, our God, has frequently done things in amazing and dramatic ways.  Just take a look at our First Reading today about God’s covenant with Abraham.  The smoking fire pot and flaming torch coming down and passing through Abraham’s sacrificed animals in the dark of night, sounds like a Steven Spielberg movie.  And yet it is in just such a way that God makes an indelible impression on Abraham.  Abraham would remember this night, and this covenant, forever!  Likewise, God wants us to remember our covenant with Him forever, and stay committed to it.

Our covenant with God was made through Jesus Christ.  It is through His Blood that we are redeemed.  Especially during this Holy season of Lent we are being asked to call to mind our covenant and to be once again truly amazed at what our God has done.  There’s no smoking fire pot this time around, but there is crucifixion and resurrection, there’s baptism and death and eternal life,  and there’s God’s power to make everything “dazzling” white and “dazzling” clean, including our hearts and souls.  The Transfiguration is meant to also give us hope.  When we are tempted to believe that we can’t be holy, that God can’t use us, and that amazing stories like this only happened a long time ago, we too need to remember the Transfiguration.

This Lent, our God, the God, wants to transfigure all of us too!  He wants to renew His covenant with us this Lent.  If we only give Him the chance, if we let Him, God can change everything in our lives.  Hopefully, we’ve already seen a glimpse of this in this first week and a half of Lent.  God is at work in us, every bit as much as He was Peter, James, and John two thousand years ago.  We too need the hope of the Transfiguration.  God wants to do great things with each one of us.  Our covenant with God binds us to Him.  This Lent, in our prayer, in our sacrifices, in our sharing with those in need, in everything that we do and say, may we allow God to re-mold our lives into the better person that we were created to be.  God is not done with any of us, yet!  May we use this time wisely.  The glory that God wants to share with all of us, the same glory that He revealed on Mt. Tabor to Peter, James, and John, is our preview of Heaven.  Let us live lives worthy of that glory and our covenant!


+ May God bless us today,  Father, Son, and Holy Spirit… AMEN !!!

St. Maria Goretti… Pray for us !!!