Homily: Jan 20, 2013

Peace and goodness to you this day!

Perhaps more than any of the other Sacraments, and you can ask any priest or deacon about this, the Sacrament that can have the most things go wrong, are weddings.   Did you know that something goes wrong at just about every wedding?  When you’re involved in a wedding, you just pray that whatever happens isn’t too bad, and that the video camera isn’t running when it happens, and then the video shows up on YouTube or “American’s Funniest Videos” or something like that.  The funniest thing is that so many times that thing that goes wrong will be exactly what the couple most remembers from their wedding ceremony.  It’s true.  A wedding can have a really good homily, and fantastic music, and great participation from the couple’s family and friends, and all the couple will remember is the fact that the flower girl wouldn’t walk down the aisle when she was supposed to.  And when it comes to weddings, priests see it all.  I’ve seen the bride throw up.  I’ve seen the limo come at the wrong time.  I’ve seen the cake delivered to the wrong place.  I’ve seen the father of the bride destroy her hairdo and veil, when he tries to pull the blusher back.  I’ve seen the best man lose the rings.  I’ve seen the bride set her dress on fire at the lighting of the unity candle.  I’ve seen the mother of the bride have a complete meltdown.  I’ve seen them play or sing the wrong song at the wrong time.  I’ve seen the groom pass out.  I’ve seen the photographer forget to put a memory card into his camera, and then lie about it.  At a wedding everything, and anything can happen, and with so many people involved in a wedding, lots of things can and do go wrong.  As a priest, you just pray that nothing will ruin the occasion for the couple getting married.  Some day I am going to write a book about all the funny things that happen at weddings.  Don’t worry, I’ll change the names to protect the guilty.

Today in our Gospel we hear about a wedding that Jesus attends not long after He begins His active ministry.  Now, Jesus isn’t performing the ceremony.  He, and His mother, Mary, and at least some of the disciples are there at the celebration.  And at some point during the occasion, Mary comes to Jesus and points out that something has gone wrong at this particular wedding reception: they have run out of wine.  Now, aren’t there much bigger concerns in world at that time?  Yes.  Absolutely.  Mary isn’t pointing out that someone is dying, or that there is a war about to break out, or that someone is being abused or treated unjustly.  Mary is simply pointing out that this particular couple and their families are about to be really embarrassed, because the celebration was not over, and there wasn’t going to be enough wine for everybody.  Isn’t it interesting that the Gospel doesn’t record WHY the wine has run out?  It doesn’t say that the cousins from Jerusalem drank way too much.  All were told is that there wasn’t going to be enough.

And Mary is concerned enough about this, and about these people, that she takes this concern to Jesus.  We could talk all day just about this singular fact.  Mary really cares about everything these people are going through!  We need to remember that especially today.  Jesus, at first seems some what perturbed that His mother would get involved in this, and even asks “How does this concern of yours, affect me?”  And Mary simply tells those in charge, to do whatever He tells you.  And that’s the answer.  That’s the solution to the problem.  By obeying what Jesus tells them to do, even though it makes no logical sense, the wedding feast at Cana becomes Jesus’ first miracle.  And they are blessed with some really good wine!

You gotta love this story!!!  Jesus is a Messiah Who knows how to make really good wine!  That’s good news in itself.  But even more, we have a God Who cares about every aspect of our lives, and Who is willing to help us in any given situation, big or small.  And Mary’s message is absolutely essential to understanding what’s happening here!  Do whatever He tells you!  By our obedience, even today, miracles happen.  And how many times don’t miracles happen, all because we aren’t obedient?  It’s true.  We get so upset with God when we look around our world today.  And yet, how many times has mankind stopped God in His tracks, all because of our free will and our disobedience.  God is not the problem in the world today.  We are.  He is the solution to all of our problems when we let Him be and when we obey Him!

We can make some terrible messes at weddings.  But we can also make some big messes with our lives.  God wants to help us even with our messes.  He can fix anything.  All we’ve got to do is to obey!

May God bless us today,  Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. . . AMEN !!!