June 12, 2016


+  Pax et Bonum!  Peace and goodness to you this day!

When we sin, when we make a terrible mistake, against others, against God, even against ourselves.  Most of the time, we know it.  We know we’ve messed up.  And if we’re honest, we know that we’ve got to do something about.  Maybe we need to go to the person or to God, and say we’re sorry.  Maybe, especially as Catholic Christians, we know that we need to go to Confession, and receive the Sacrament.   Maybe, if the nature of our sin is that we cost another person something, if we have taken something that should have been there, we may very well need to make restitution, making sure that they receive what we have taken from them.  But we know we’ve got to do something.  The bigger and more serious the sin, the more it is going to bother us, until we do something about.  We want to fix it.  We want to make things right.

Now, we don’t know exactly what this woman from our Gospel today has done, but it must have been pretty serious!  She is greatly bothered by it.  And the fact that Simon, the Pharisee, who is having this dinner party for Jesus, and it seems like pretty much the entire rest of the town, knows that this woman is a sinner, also is an indicator that his is probably not about parking tickets.  This is not a woman who repeated parks in handicapped spaces at the grocery store, without a handicapped sticker!  This is not a woman who left her cat in a hot car with the window rolled up.  Although, come to think of it, today, leaving a cat in hot car with the windows rolled up WOULD be considered a serious sin!  It would probably on the front of the newspaper the next day!

No, my brothers and sisters, this woman is a serious sinner.  She has messed up badly.  And so, in her distraught state, she comes to Jesus to heal her.  And she knows that He alone can do it!  She is so trusting about this, that it brings her to tears, and she washes Jesus’ feet with the tears.  She dries His feet with her hair.  And this would have been as remarkable of an event as it sounds!  The other guests must have wondered if this was part of the entertainment at the dinner!  She then anoints His feet with the ointment that she had brought with her.  And then she kisses Jesus feet with a love and tenderness that is moving.  And this is His feet.  More accurately, this is His First century Palestine feet that walked streets that were dirty, and dusty, and piles of stuff that we would not have wanted to step in wearing shoes, and we know that Jesus wore sandals.  You get the point.  This is not pretty.  Even Jesus’ feet would not have been the best smelling part of His Body.  This is an extremely emotional scene.  This is what this woman need to do to make things right with her sins.  This is her reconciliation.  It sure makes going to Confession seem like a whole easier thing, doesn’t it?

This woman knows what Jesus can and does eventually end up doing for her.  Her sins are forgiven.  She knows that Jesus has taken away her punishment for whatever terrible things she has done, and she is SO grateful.  We need that gratitude.  Jesus suggests, that possibly because our sins are not as life destroying, or not as serious, or maybe even not as many, that we don’t understand.  But we should.  We shouldn’t have to kill somebody, or rob a bank, or blow up a building, to know how much God wants to forgive us.  We are all offered God’s forgiveness and mercy.  And we should all be grateful every day for what Jesus has done for us.

Because He paid the price for us on that Cross, we don’t have to go to Hell.  He got nails in His hands and feet, and we get out of the flames that never end.  We should be most grateful every day of our lives!  Are we?  And if are how do we show it?  We’re not washing anybody’s feet with our hair, so what are we doing?  How we showing our gratitude?  Some of us don’t have enough hair left anymore to wash anybody’s feet with our hair!

My brothers and sisters, we must never forget what Jesus has done for us, and that He has bourn our sins!  From our biggest sins to our littlest ones, they get removed, not because of what we do, but because of what Jesus has done for us.  Let us be eternally grateful!  And let us show our gratitude to God in every way that we can!

+  May God bless us this day,  Father, Son, and Holy Spirit…                   AMEN !!!

St. Maria Goretti…                                       Pray for us !!!