Homily: Mar 24, 2013

+Peace and Goodness to you today!

I once knew a young lady who always seemed very sad to me.  We had been on a retreat together and had become friends.  And as I got to know her better, I learned the source of her sadness.  Her parents were only marginally a part of her life.  She had been in boarding school after boarding school for as long as she remembered.  She was here in college.  And they lived as diplomats in the Middle East.  She saw her parents maybe once or twice a year.  The truth is that she longed for the love of her mother and father.  She just wanted to know that she was loved and accepted.  After our retreat, she wrote to her parents and in a very emotional letter, asked them to tell her what she meant to them.  A week later, she received a check for $20,000 dollars from her father.  There was no note, no explanation, no answers to her questions, other than the money.  The money was the response.  That young lady, who grew up with pretty much everything that she ever wanted, would have gladly traded that check for the slightest interest or concern from her parents.  Sometimes it takes more to show your love.

We just heard the amazing story once again of how much our God loves us!: The Passion of Jesus Christ.  And yet we live in a world where so many fail to know how much God loves and exactly what He has done for us and for our salvation.  Maybe we have to ask today on this Palm Sunday, what more does God have to do?  What would it take for God to prove His love?  If God sent every one of us $20,000 would that be enough proof?  If God bought each one of us a new house, or a new car, or took us on a long vacation to paradise, would that be enough?  If God zapped our greatest enemy, or forgave our greatest sin, would that be proof enough?  Or what if someone came back from the dead, and then offered all of us the chance to be able to do the same, would that be enough proof of God’s love???  What is going to take for you?  What would make YOU realize how much this God loves YOU?

How about dying on a cross?  We just heard the story.  The Cross is God’s exclamation point on His love for us.  Do we realize this?  We too hunger for real love.   We’re a whole lot more like my friend than we would like to admit. May we find the love and power of God at the foot of our crosses.   And may we give God every chance to heal us up in His love!

+May God bless us this Holy Week… Father, Son, and Holy Spirit… AMEN !!!

St. Maria Goretti…  Pray for us !!!