May 22, 2016


+ Pax et Bonum!   Peace and goodness to you this day!

Next Sunday is the 100th Running of the Indianapolis 500.  It is a monumental event in the history of our State that turns 200 years old later this year.  All of the race cars in next Sunday’s race have an internal combustion engine.  And all of those engines are made up of hundreds of different parts made to exact measurements.  Those parts must all work together to allow the engine to do its job.  If just one part is too small, or two big, or is the wrong filter, or wrong hose, if the timing setting is just slightly off, that engine is not going to work right.  It takes a unity, a working together of all the parts.  This is true not just of million dollar racing engines where the whole world is watching, but it is also true of the engine in your car, or even your lawn mower for that matter.  An engine has got to work together.  And when it does it a race car, it is a lot of fun to watch!

Today we celebrate the Feast of the Holy Trinity.  This is the great Feast of God working in unity to show His love and commitment to His people.  The Holy Trinity is revealed to us as God’s way, God’s plan, of serving and caring for His people, especially the Church!  But more than just a celebration of One God, Three Persons, and the way that God chose to reveal Himself to us, what we celebrate even more today is that we as God’s people are invited into His Unity and into relationship with Him.  This is an extraordinary thing.  God does not leave us out in the cold, but calls us into His love and peace!   And perhaps for all of us, this is the most important part of today’s Feast Day!

We need this unity with God!  We need this relationship!  This belonging to God and being invited into relationship with Him, gives our lives meaning and confirms our mission together in this world.  As human beings, we have a strong need to belong.  We want to belong to a family.  We want to belong to a successful team.  We want to be part of a community known for its good works.  Today, our God invites us to be on, to belong to, to be in union with Him, and His team!

And what are the ramifications of this?  Certainly one of them is that now we must work for unity among ourselves.  God calls us together.  God brings us together.  God shares with us everything that we need to work together, and to love and take care of one another, as we build His Kingdom.  But we also must do our part.  The unity and cohesiveness of the Holy Trinity reminds us that now we must unite the Church and that we also must be cohesive in our Faith and Love.

Just as those racing engines won’t work, if everything is not working just right, and doing its job, and unified in moving that race car as quickly as it can go, so too the Church can only be its best when we are all working together and doing our jobs, and unified in our peace and our support for one another!  The close relationship that our God-head shares within Three Persons,  Father, Son, and Holy Spirit,  we are now to share with each other in the Church.  All of us together with our God, and all of us together with one another, are to be God’s extension of the Holy Trinity.

United in Faith and Love, we are to make this happen!  We are to imitate what God has revealed to us!  Today is not just about some other-worldly mystery.  We can understand unity and belonging.  And that’s exactly what our God is calling us to today.

Let us heed His call.  Let us accept His invitation to be in union with Him, our Triune God!  And let us keep inviting as many people as possible to join us, not just in a religion, but even more, in a relationship and a unity!

+  God bless us on this Feast,  Father, Son, and Holy Spirit…                          AMEN !!!


St. Maria Goretti…          Pray for us!!!