October 2, 2016


+  Pax et Bonum!    Peace and Goodness to you this day!

You know, I suppose that all of us don’t feel like we have enough Faith.  We could all believe more.  We could all trust more.  We could all know more about Faith and put it more into action.  And yet, I bet most of the Saints that have gone before us, would have said the same thing.  Certainly we know, the recently canonized St. Teresa of Calcutta, questioned her own Faith, and prayed for God to give her more Faith every day.   There’s even a certain aspect of our Catholic Faith, that challenges us, and reminds us, that we can ALWAYS grow in our Faith.  We should never get comfortable.  We should never be satisfied.  There’s always more.  And of course, it is always when we compare our Faith to other’s, that we don’t think that we have enough.  If I had as much Faith as St. Francis of Assisi, then I could really a Christian life, then I could kiss lepers too!  If only I had as much Faith as Mother Teresa, excuse me, St. Teresa, then I could feed and take care of the poor too.   If only I had as much Faith as Deacon Steve, then I could sing like he does!  We don’t need to have as much as anybody else.

And so today we hear the parable about the mustard seed to reinforce this.  It’s OK to have a little Faith, because even the littlest of Faith can be grown and nurtured by God into a huge, beautiful creation!  Now, notice I said a little Faith.  We all need to have some Faith.  And sometimes even the smallest amount of Faith, is an act of our will, I will trust God.  I will give Him a chance.  I will choose God and His ways.

Perhaps, one of the greatest signs of our Faith, is our willingness to tithe and give back to God.  Our tithe is an expression of our Faith.  It is that plain and simple.  As you may have heard, we have begun our brand-spanking-new Capital Campaign for our Future here at St. Maria Goretti.  And it is going to take a lot of Faith on the part of all of us!

Today, to talk to us about our new Fruitful Harvest Campaign, I ask you to please welcome Jim and Diane Lutz, who are serving as co-chairs for this year’s Campaign.  Again, Jim and Diane Lutz.