October 25, 2015


+ Pax et Bonum! Peace and goodness to you this day!

Bartimaeus has a problem. He is very much aware of his problem. He can’t deny it. Bartimaeus is blind. He can’t see. Because of his condition, he can’t work. And so he is forced to sit by the side of the road begging for assistance. And one day, when Jesus is coming down the road and leaving Jericho, Bartimaeus has his opportunity to be bold, to make some noise, to do everything that he can to get Jesus’ attention and healing grace. You see, Bartimaeus knows. He knows he needs help.

In so many ways were the opposite of Bartmaeus, the blind beggar.   We think that we can see. We pretend that we do! We think that we know it all. We think that we are in charge and we can do anything that we want. Today, so many of us live our lives blind to God’s grace, and His mercy, and His love, and yet we still think that we know all about how this is supposed to work. In our isolation, in the darkness of our lives, in the blindness of our pride, we sit here today, and so many times, we DON’T cry out. Why, in fact, we are NOT bold at all! We don’t call on Jesus. Many times, we don’t pray at all. We don’t trust God. We trust more in our money and our things, wrongly believing that they will be there for us in the end. We don’t strive to make good and moral decisions, choosing the right and avoiding the wrong.   And then we end up wondering why our lives get messed up!

My brothers and sisters, we can be more blind than Bartimaeus ever was! And as we come here today, we need this Jesus Christ, just as much or even more than what he did, two-thousand years ago. Our biggest problem is that we think that we can see! And yet every day our eyes deceive us into thinking that we are doing just fine. We don’t cry out! We don’t turn to Jesus! We are not bold. We just sit there, quietly, while our blindness takes us further and further from the truth!

This week, Jesus invites each and every one of us to open our eyes and be healed! We need to see what we are missing! The world is feeding us lies every day and keeps us there on the side of the road, remaining in our blindness. So many times, just like Bartimaeus, we should be crying out, but we’re so blind that we don’t even know how to do that. The world tries to get us to believe that there’s no such thing as sin any more. There’s an excuse for everything! The world desperately wants us to believe that the Commandments don’t matter today. They want us to be blind! When in reality, Jesus said that if you love Me, you will keep the Commandments! Sure doesn’t sound to me like God has changed His mind! But in our blindness, we pervert the truth! Murder is now called the termination of life. Adultery is now called a “lifestyle choice”.  “Bearing false witness” is now called doing business. Stealing is now called “Getting as much as we can out of life.” We can change the words all we want. We can make sin sound so politically correct and enticing! We can pretend that bad is good, and good is bad. But when we really start to believe those lies, that’s when we are more blind than poor Bartimaeus ever was! And we need God’s healing power more than he ever did!

And so today we cry out! Today, we make bold and ask for God’s help. You see, I think Bartimaeus knew, that only Jesus could help him out. That’s why he wouldn’t be quiet on the side of the road that day. He wasn’t going to miss his chance. Today, we’ve got to know that ONLY Jesus can help us to truly see! And today we cry out for His help and His healing power!

This past week, amazing things happened here in this church. The healing power of Jesus Christ was in overdrive through the intercession of our Patroness, St. Maria Goretti. The Saints and the relics are a powerful help. The Sacraments are powerful help. His Grace, and His love, and His mercy are all powerful helps. His help and His healing power are available to all of us every day through the Church! We trust in that!   Like Bartimaeus, we know that that’s true!    Then let us not be afraid to cry out for help. Let us not be afraid to be bold! Like Bartimaeus, may we tell Jesus every day, that we want to see! Not just with our eyes, but with true Faith!

May God bless us today, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit…                     AMEN !!!

St. Maria Goretti…                 Pray for us !!!