January 20, 2019


+  Pax et Bonum!    Peace and goodness to you this day!

It is not unusual for crazy things to happen at weddings.  I mean, weddings are big family events, and any time that you get a lot of family members together for a wedding, there’s a potential for high drama.   And then you factor in a little alcohol, and you factor in the knowledge that at a family wedding a lot of people are wearing shoes and clothes that they are not most comfortable in, or maybe have gotten a little tighter since the last time they wore them, and you realize that we’re lucky that when we go to weddings, that more people don’t get killed.  But there can be a lot of arguments at a wedding.  Things get said.  People’s feelings, their pride, gets hurt.  Who gets to sit at which table, next to so-and-so.   Weddings can be a high pressure situation.  Little things can become very big deals at a wedding.  I know, that at a lot of our family weddings, that our family used humor, to cut the tension.  My older cousins were experts at making crazy things happen at wedding receptions, to provide “entertainment”.  You kinda never knew what those guys would do for a joke.  For example, one time, they let a greased pig loose at my cousin’s wedding reception.  I kid you not.  It was horrible.  I can still remember my eighty-one-year-old Great Aunt standing on her chair screaming, “It’s a pig!  It’s a pig!”  It was a crazy wedding.

Today in our Gospel for this Second Sunday in Ordinary Time, Jesus goes to a wedding celebration at Cana.  And while there’s no greased pig, there is this high drama being played out behind the scenes.  You see, the wine is about to run out.  Now, for these folks, this is worse than having a greased pig run through your reception.  This couple, and these two families, are about to be terribly embarrassed.   And that’s exactly when Mary brings this situation to Jesus, right before it blows us.  Now, for His first miracle, Jesus doesn’t sound very enthusiastic about doing this.  He says, “My hour has not yet come” and “What concern of this is mine?”  Jesus’ words almost lead you to believe that He is not going to do anything, to help the situation.  But it is Mary’s words of intercession, “Do whatever He tells you.”, that gives away the fact that God is indeed going to do something very special at this wedding.

The prayers of those concerned, the potentially humiliating situation for these good people at their celebration, even if it is just over the wine, and the personal intercession of His own Mother, Mary, all lead to Jesus, despite His own objections, to doing His first miracle there that day.  Jesus turns water into wine, and not just any wine, really good wine.  Let’s be clear on that.  And with this miracle begins a public ministry of Jesus always giving His best.  Jesus lets His disciples see His what He can do for the first time, and they immediately start to believe in Him!

Notice please today, the role of obedience in this whole story.  Jesus is obedient.  It is important to Him to be obedient to His Father in Heaven, and that it be His hour.   Jesus is obedient to His Mother, and His Mother’s request.  And then Mary tells the wine stewards to “Do whatever He tells you.  And just like two-thousand years ago at a wedding at Cana, sometimes today our miracles are also dependent upon our obedience.  Mary’s advice to those in charge of


the wedding, is great advice for all of us today, even in 2019!  We too need to “Do whatever He tells us!”  How many more miracles would we see in our lives, if only we would obediently  put our Faith and trust in God?

My brothers and sisters, we don’t like to be obedient to God, or anybody else today.  We love to do our own thing.  The problem is that that is not how God works.  Even Jesus was obedient to His Father!  It’s how great things happened, including our salvation!  Maybe the real miracle here isn’t the 120 to 180 gallons of really good wine.  Maybe the real miracle here is that we have a God Who cares intimately for each one of us, and who wants to take care of our every need, including not letting us get embarrassed over running out of wine at a celebration.  And all we need to have that kind of protection in our life, is the Trust and Obedience to make it happen every day!

May we rejoice in His love and protection every day, and may we see His miracles all around us!

+  God bless us this day,    Father, Son, and Holy Spirit…                          AMEN !!!

St. Maria Goretti…                                Pray for us !!!