June 21, 2020


+   Pax et Bonum!   Peace and goodness to you this day!

Oh, it’s good to be together today.  These are wild days, aren’t they?  So many things to worry about!  Concerns, worries, phobias, there are so many things that we fear.  And you know, they have a name for all of them.   For example, did you know, that if you have a fear of gravity, you have  BARO PHOBIA.   If you have  CATOP TRO PHOBIA, you have a fear of mirrors.   If you have EPHEBI PHOBIA you have a fear of teenagers.   If you have NOCTI PHOBIA, you have a fear of the night, and this is not to be confused with NYCTO PHOBIA which is a fear of the dark.    Then there’s OMBRO PHOBIA, which is a fear of the rain.  But my all time, favorite, and this really is a thing, is HIPPO POTO MONSTROSES QUIPED ALIO PHOBIA.   It sounds the fear of Hippopotamuses, right?   Oh No, HIPPO POTO MONSTROSES QUIIPED ALIO PHOBIA is the fear of long words.    Where do they get these things?

The truth is that we are afraid and worry about way too much.  Our readings talk to us about this today.  Some people worry the past that they cannot change and some people worry about the future that they cannot predict.  Some people worry about what others are saying about them.  Others are afraid of heights, or flying, or the dark, or spiders, or loneliness.  But the consistent message in the Bible is “Do not be afraid!”  “Fear not!”  And the closer we get to the Lord, the more we realize that we have nothing to be afraid of.

Jeremiah gives us a great example of this in our first reading.  Jeremiah’s in trouble.  Now, remember, Jeremiah lived about six centuries BEFORE Jesus.  And Jeremiah, who didn’t want to be a prophet, because he was too young, delivers God’s message to Israel, and it is not a happy message.  Israel is in exile in Babylon because of their sinfulness.  Israel didn’t want to hear this.  And because they didn’t like the message, they want to take it out on poor Jeremiah.  And yet, Jeremiah is not afraid.  Instead, he sings a song of praise to the Lord!  We should all be so brave, when we’re afraid!  The truth is, we can be.   We need to be!

Then, in the Gospel, Jesus tells us to fear no one and nothing.  He says if we believe that God created all things, even the birds of the air and the fish of the sea, then surely that same God is not ever going to forget us in our struggles.  He even says that God has counted all the hairs on our head!  This is amazing stuff!  God is so intimately involved with every detail, every aspect of even the smallest and seemingly insignificant parts of His creation.   This God cares!

In our second reading today, St. Paul is talking about having the same determination and confidence in God as both Jeremiah and Jesus are.  We share in Christ’s victory not only over death, but over all our fears, and our faults, and our failings.  The Kingdom of God and the hope of Heaven await us.  There is nothing that we should be afraid of!

Jesus Christ came to bring strength, courage, and fortitude to each and every one of us.



If we’re going to have real Faith, then we can’t be afraid.  We’ve got to trust God, and rely on Him, and Know that He is going to take care of us.  And if we’re going to be afraid, then we can’t have real Faith.  The two won’t work together.   By our Faith, we are given the power to not only stand up and defend our Faith, but also to face any obstacle or suffering in this life.

God calls us out of the darkness of our fears, into the bright light of real Faith.  This summer, let us walk a new path with the Lord, trusting in God and fearing only His judgement.  Let us not be afraid, for the grace of God is overflowing!   Stick with Jesus Christ, and He will always stick with you!

+  May God bless us today, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit…                          AMEN !!!

St. Maria Goretti…      Pray for us !!!!