June 30, 2019


+   Pax et Bonum!    Peace and goodness to you this day!

Sometimes, all of us, can get stuck in our routines.  We find a way of doing something, that we like, and well, we do it that same way for years.  I’ve a got a perfect example for you!  How many of you eat cereal for breakfast?  Now, next question, how many of you eat the same cereal for breakfast every morning?   Some do, some don’t.  My Father, loved LIFE cereal, you know, the one that Mikey used to like?  And my Dad, ate a bowl of LIFE cereal for breakfast every day of his life.  Maybe he thought that because that was what they called it, that that was the way that you were supposed to eat it!  I don’t know.  But that’s a lot of LIFE cereal!   Because my Father ate so much of it, my brothers and I also had a lot of LIFE cereal.  We always had it on hand at our house.  We might run out of Wheaties, or Frosted Flakes, or Coco Puffs, but we always had LIFE cereal.   Now I am still a cereal man.  I prefer Honey Nut Cheerios, but I do try to change it up once a while.   Ever had Shredded Wheat?  What’s up with that?  It’s like trying to eat a minute version of those big rolls of hay that you see out in the middle of the fields in the fall!  Taste like it, too!

No matter whether you like cereal for breakfast or not, we come to Mass today, and our God is asking us to not be afraid the change things up, to do things differently, to stop making excuses, and to have the courage and faith to change what needs to be changed, in order to conform our lives to Christ.  This is important because Jesus is continuing to call of us to conversion.  We have changes that are necessary,  that need to be made,  in all of our lives.  God is not done with any of us yet!  What’s also true is that our Lord also has new and different things that we need to be doing for Him and for His Church all the time, that are NOT the same old things that we have done before or in the past.  We’ve got to be willing to answer God’s new invitations, and we must stay open to the fact that sometimes they may be new, or different, or even outside of our comfort zones.  Eating the same cereal every day may be comfortable, like doing a lot of other things the same way, every day.  But sometimes our routines lock us into ways of doing things, that prevent God from working in our lives.

This is also true of our sins.  When our sins become bad habits, when our sins become our routines, our regular way of dealing with temptations, or stress, or a lack of trust in our lives, that’s when we can be in real trouble, and most need God’s help, to change our ways.  Sometimes, when it comes to our sins, a real change is needed.  We can’t keep doing things the exact same way, and then expect a different outcome.

Another change that is really demanded of all of us in the Church today, is the need to take seriously our call to evangelize and to bring Christ to others.  It used to be not so long ago, that evangelization was to strangers, to people that we didn’t know before.  Evangelization used to be to co-workers, or new neighbors, and to people we didn’t know very well.  Today, in 2019, the people that we need to evangelize may very well live under the same roof as we do.  They may be close friends that we have known for years.



They may be people together with us at our family reunions this summer, or at a wedding with us.  Today, it is going to be much more likely that we are already going to know the people that we need to evangelize     And yet, some of those people, will need us to bring Christ to them, like no other!  We’ve got to allow the Holy Spirit to guide and direct our hearts, our lives, and our efforts!  And we can’t do that, if we are always so busy clinging to our “usual” ways of doing things and our old routines.

And finally as Elisha found out in our first reading today, and as Jesus points out in our Gospel today, the time for making excuses is over.  God’s not buying our excuses.  He see right through them, and still calls us to make the changes necessary for the good of our spiritual lives and our souls.

Our readings today remind all of us, that our God is calling all of us!  He calls us to be His prophets, His apostles, His disciples, His friends, His witnesses,  and to serve one another through love, just as St. Paul encouraged the Galatians to do today, in our second reading.  We must get out of our routines.  We’ve got to try some new things.  And we’ve got to stop making excuses.  We can make excuses about our cereal and our breakfast, but we can’t make excuses about our Faith!   Whether we feel unworthy, or unwilling, or even afraid, let us trust in the Lord as we answer His call.  May we be willing to leave it all behind and follow Him, so that He might lead us to Himself, and to His Father and to Heaven!

+  May God bless us as we seek to answer His call,  Father, Son, and Holy Spirit…  AMEN !!!

St. Maria Goretti…  Pray for us !!!