June 7, 2020


+ Pax et Bonum!    Peace and goodness to you this day!

From the beginning of human history, mankind has loved a good story.  Starting with the cave men gathered round a fire, or drawing pictures on the walls of their caves,  to the oral traditions of saving good stories that meant a lot to families or communities, to writing stories down in books, and sharing good stories, that became part of our lives.   In the last century, we’ve come up with more ways than ever to tell stories:  movies,  TV,  the internet, YouTube,  Snapchat, and Netflix.   And still today, what do we have in common with our cavemen ancestors?  There are certain themes that make up a really good story.  And one of the main themes, or central ideas in ANY good story, is LOVE.   For us to care about what’s going on in the story, to draw us in, the story has to include at least one of the characters being in love, or being passionate, about someone or something.  That love and passion is what makes a good story.  It’s what we are all looking for, as we go through this life.   And certainly one of the greatest love stories ever told, is the story of how much our God loves each one of us, in the story of Jesus Christ!

I’m not the first person to suggest this idea.   In 1965, American Director George Stevens made the movie “The Greatest Story Ever Told”.   It had an incredible ensemble cast, as they called it back then  Max Von Shadow, Dorothy McQuire, Charlton Heston, Jose Ferrer, Telly Salvas, Martin Landau, Sidney Poitier, and Roddy McDowell.   Most of those folks are dead now.  But they came together to tell the greatest story of just how much God loved His people.  The movie  was very popular back then, and became one of those movies that they always like to show during Holy Week.

But at the heart of the Greatest Story Ever Told, is really the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and at the heart of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, is this relationship, this Triune God, Who invites all of us, into a relationship with Him.  That’s right, we are called into the unity, into the relationship, of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.  The Father creates the world and enters into covenant with it.  The Son, comes down from Heaven, in complete love and mercy, to redeem and sanctify all God’s people for the Father, bringing them back into covenant.  And the Father and the Son send the Holy Spirit, this amazing power, that we just celebrated last weekend, at Pentecost, to all of God’s people, to strengthen and empower them, to be God’s holy people in the world, even in the midst of evil and craziness.  This is a love story.  This is God Who loves us this much!  This is God who invites to come and live in His unity, and in His peace, and in His love.  And that’s a pretty nice place to be, when we follow His way and His plan.  It is the ultimate love story!  It is the ultimate story of any kind, because really, in fact, it is about us.  We plan an intimate role in this great story, when we love God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit…. BACK!

My brothers and sisters, this Feast Day is meant to inspire each and every one of us to live in that unity and love of the Holy Trinity.   This isn’t about some theological construct light years away.  This is about a God Who loves us all beyond all compare and wants to be united with us in the here and now.  Most especially, in our problems, in our weakness, and even in our



sinfulness.  And let me emphasis “ALL” of us.  Every human being is sacred by our call from God Himself, to be in relationship with Him.   And that unity with God, unites us into a unity with one another.  And that’s why we have to care about each other.  White, black, brown, pink, orange, yellow, blue, we’re all in this together with our God.

This is a powerful Feast Day today.  Let us live united with our God and with one another, in  a relationship based in real love and concern.  And that is the Greatest Kind of Story that there is!

+  God bless us all,  Father, Son, and Holy Spirit…      AMEN !!!

St. Maria Goretti…   Pray for us !!!