March 22, 2020


+  Pax et Bonum!    Peace and goodness to you this day!

You know, there are many times that all of us need help to see.  There are just so many things, that without a little help, we wouldn’t have any idea that they are there.  Just think of what we’ve learned from a telescope.  The stars, the planets, comets and so many other things only revealed to us, by the telescope.   And then of course, there’s the whole microscopic world, that is so small, so tiny, that the only way that we know that many of these very small things exists, is by looking at them under a microscope.  We think of the Coronavirus.  Have you seen the magnified pictures of the virus taken from under a microscope?  It looks like a Christmas ornament!  It really does!  It sure doesn’t look very dangerous, and yet we know, even without a microscope, that it is dangerous.  And so were home today, watching this live streaming of the Mass on our computers.   But my all-time favorite aid or assistance to help us to see, is one that doesn’t actually exist.  All my life, I’ve heard of this special chemical that they put in public swimming pools, that reacts with urine, to turn either bright red, or sometimes they say, bright blue, when someone urinates in the pool.  I bet some of you have heard this too.  My parents told my brothers and I this story many times, to get us to get out of the water to go to the bathroom.  And my Dad sold and built pools!  We even sold pool chemicals.  One day, I was working in my Dad’s store, and I asked my parents, “Hey, where’s that chemical that you put into the water to make the red cloud, when someone urinates?   And I think they told me that we didn’t sell that.  The real truth is, that it doesn’t exist.  There is no such chemical.  And I think of all those trips that I made to the bathroom, just so I wouldn’t make a red cloud in the pool, or get red dye on my swim suit!  So there is no chemical to help you to see who’s peeing in the pool!  But it still sounds like a good idea.  And clearly we do have, so many things, that help us to see!

In our Gospel today, it is Jesus Who helps the Blind man to see.  And He doesn’t give a telescope, or a microscope, or a pool chemical.  He makes mud and smears it on the blind man’s eyes.        We’ve all heard this story many times.  Jesus gives this man his life.  He had been blind from birth.  Which is why the testimony of his parents was so important.  Now he no longer has to beg by the side of the road, but he can go forth and fully live his life.  Now this man can see!  And everything is different for him.

On this Fourth Sunday of our Lenten Season, Laetare Sunday, we get reminded that Jesus wants to help ALL OF US see!  We are reminded today that to a certain extent, all of us are born blind.  When we are Baptized, our eyes are opened to God and to the power of God in our midst.  As Christians, we are asked to see the world through the eyes of Faith.  And today, more than ever, we need to see a bigger picture!  We need to see that God is at work.  We need to see, that even through pandemics, our God is at work.  And He is taking care of us.  And that He is asking us to be light for the world, even in 2020, even in the middle of everything right now!  We are called to be reflectors of His light.  It’s not going to be us.  Christ is the light.  But each one of us need to reflect and magnify the Light of Christ to and for others!



We’ve got a world out there that is blind today.   And we’ve got a world that needs the Good News of Jesus Christ.  And today, it’s up to us, you and me, to bring that light, that good news to them, by our lives.

As we pray at this Mass today, let’s ask our Lord to heal us of our blindness, and make us His witnesses.  We all need all the help that we can get to see.  We might not need glasses, or a microscope, or a pool chemical, but all of us need Jesus!   Let us rely on Him today and every day!


+  May Almighty God bless us,   Father, Son, and Holy Spirit…                            AMEN !!!

St. Maria Goretti…           Pray for us !!!