November 20, 2016


+ Pax et Bonum!    Peace and goodness to you this day!

It is no news flash to any of us, that there are times when we really need a leader.  Remember when you were in high school chemistry class, and you had that group project, and everybody wanted to do something different, and there was no leader?  And what happened?  Everybody got a bad grade, all because nobody stepped up to take the lead for the group, to organize them.  I hated those group projects!  Or do you remember when the Pacer’s had to go all that time without Reggie Miller, and lost all those games, all because they didn’t have another leader?  Same thing with the Colts when they went that year without Payton Manning, or just recently when the Colts had to go all those games without Andrew Luck!  Without their leader, those teams were a mess.  And there were lots of losses.  A weak president, an ineffective coach, an unorganized boss, a distracted general, an out-of-touch manager, any of these people can be a disaster when they can’t lead, when they can’t fulfill their roles and pull people together.  There are many times in life that we really need a strong leader.

In our First Reading from 2nd Samuel, the Jewish people desperately want a good king.  King Saul had been alright as a king, but he made mistakes.  Now, David is anointed King of Israel.  And the nation has high hopes that David is the one who is going to save them.  Soon enough, even the great King David gets himself in trouble and falls from grace.  And the Israelites know that there’s just got to be someone more, something more, that they can believe and trust in.  And that’s when God sends His Only Son to be their Messiah.  The Perfect One comes down from Heaven to lead His people home to Heaven.  And now for two-thousand years, that Jesus and His Holy Spirit, working through His Church, has continued to be our example, our role model, our King, the ultimate authority in our lives, leading us every day closer to God!

You see, that without Jesus, it just doesn’t happen.  Barack Obama can’t do it.  Hillary of Donald can’t do it.  Dr. Phil can’t do it.  Jimmy Fallon can’t do it.  Mylie Cyrus can’t do it.  We need God!  The Feast of Christ the King was established by Pope Pius XI in 1925.  Europe was still trying to put itself back together again after World War I.  The great Catholic monarchies of Europe had been replaced by fascists, socialists, and communists – all styles of government that were hostile to religion and the Church.  Europe was turning more and more away from God and His Church!  The intent of this Feast Day was to let all people know, that the greatest leaders of men and mankind will never match the great and glorious, merciful and mighty Kingship of Jesus Christ!  The Church was staking her claim with the Powers of Heaven!

He is supposed to be our leader!  Jesus is supposed to be the One that we rely on every single day to get us through this world!  Is He?  Is He our King?  IS He our Lord?  Is He the center of our core, influencing every part of our lives?  And if He’s not, then what are we doing playing around with religion?  All of this, Roman Catholicism, only works when Jesus is Christ is our King, and our Savior, and our Lord!  It’s just some crazy game otherwise!  Look at the little trial that goes on right while Jesus is hanging on the Cross!  They are making fun of Him, at the very hour that He is saving our souls!  And the bad thief even joins in, “If you are a King, if you are the Messiah, come down off that cross, and take us with you!  But it’s the good thief that keeps Jesus as his King!  His Faith motivates his dying wish, “Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom.”  There, on Calvary, as darkness covered the whole earth, and all hope seemed to be lost, a convicted sinner professes his Faith, that Jesus was a true King and would reign in this world and in the next!

We’ve got to keep Jesus as our King at all the times of our lives, just like that!  In the darkest moments of our life, when we find ourselves like the Good Thief, up against the adversity of the Cross, persecuted and left behind, that when we MUST know, just like him, that we can trust, and rely on this Lord, who is our friend and our King.  He will always set us free, and some day, just like the Good Thief, we will be with Him in paradise!  And that’s the kind of King that we are really going to want to have, when we go to face our judgments.

+  May God bless us today,  Father, Son, and Holy Spirit…                                                   AMEN !!!

St. Maria Goretti…                Pray for us !!!