October 15, 2017


+  Pax et Bonum!  Peace and goodness to you!

There are some people who really love weddings.  They can’t wait for the next family member or friend to get married, so that they can join in the festivities.   I have noticed, having attended a lot of weddings over the years, that a lot of these people who really love weddings also happen to be people who like to dance.   I also have noticed that women tend to enjoy weddings more than men do.  No, it’s true.  I think it goes back to that Prince Charming thing that little girls are taught early on.  And when a bride finds her Prince Charming, it’s like a victory for all women.  It’s a team thing.  In the same way, a lot of men don’t enjoy weddings.  Maybe it’s because a lot of weddings happen on Saturday afternoons, when there’s sports, and chores to be done, and naps to be taken.   And maybe, just like with the women, it is also a team thing, and there’s a feeling among men that just as the women rejoice that the bride has won, sometimes the guys feel like the groom has lost.  And that the whole team has taken a hit.  And then there’s other people, like me, who just go to weddings for the cake!  Have you ever had bad wedding cake?  I haven’t.  Really!  Wedding cake always taste great, no matter who’s getting married.  The only thing better than wedding cake?  Baptism cake!  Seriously!

The king, in our parable today has a problem.  He can’t get his invited guests to come to his wedding feast.  Everything is ready.  The king has spent a huge amount of money on the very best of everything for his celebration.  But the people who were originally invited, don’t want to come.  They turn down the invitation.  Worse, some of those invited, mistreat and kill the king’s servants.  Now, why’d they have to do that?  If they didn’t want to go to the wedding feast, they could have just turned down the invitation.   But no, some of these invitees have some real hostility issues.  Then the king is really angry.  Because those who were originally invited reject the invitation, the king sends his servants out to invite everybody.  The hall is filled with people, including this one poor guy, who comes to wedding feast unprepared, and gets thrown out, where there will be wailing and grinding of teeth.

With this parable, Jesus again highlights the rejection many of the Jewish people have shown Him and the prophets who preceded Him.  Jesus is telling the Jewish elite around Him, that what they refuse to accept, will be offered to the Gentiles, who will readily accept the invitation to salvation and be thankful for it!

This parable opens up the wedding feast, the Kingdom of Heaven, to everybody!  The good and the bad alike are invited to the wedding feast!  This is all of us!  We, the Church, have to remember that we are not a club where we gather to celebrate our successes and revel in how much better we are than everybody else!  Rather, the Church is, as Pope Francis calls it, a “field hospital” for sinners, that is, all of us!  The Church is where we come for healing, and hope, and help.  And everybody is invited!

But we do have to answer the invitation!  We are to honor carefully the invitation.  We need to answer God with a resounding “yes” when it comes to His invitation to Faith!  We need to RSVP with conviction, and joy, and enthusiasm, and love.   We need to prepare for the banquet feast by living a Sacramental life in this world, so that we can partake of God’s feast of Heaven, for all eternity.  This is an extraordinary invitation to a celebration that is out of this world, literally.  Don’t miss out.  Say “yes” to God and God’s call.   It’s going to be way more than a wedding!

+  God bless us all,  Father, Son, and Holy Spirit…                                                   AMEN !!!

St. Maria Goretti…             Pray for us !!!