St. Francis Ministry for the Sick

“Let us serve with charity and humility.”

-St. Francis of Assisi

St. Francis Ministry is a group of lay volunteers, under the guidance of clergy, devoted to assisting St. Maria Goretti parishioners and their families in spiritual and physical needs of the sick, injured, homebound, dying, elderly, despairing and grieving.

Ministry Description

What is the Saint Francis Ministry to the Sick?

The St. Francis Ministry to the Sick is a group of lay volunteers devoted to caring for the sick of St. Maria Goretti Parish.

Care includes both spiritual and corporeal works of mercy.

Spiritual works of mercy involve many different forms of prayer (Eucharistic Adoration, Rosary, the Chaplet of Divine Mercy) as well as fasting and other sacrifices.

Corporeal works of mercy involve helping with the physical needs of persons who are sick, such as errands, driving someone to mass, respite care, meals, etc.

There are three components to the St. Francis Ministry to the Sick, and two special types of lay volunteers involved.


The first type of volunteer is a Friend who is a dedicated pastoral care giver.  A Friend is someone who keeps in contact with the parishioner who is sick and their family to ensure they are being cared for properly and have the support of the SMG community.

Helper is someone who is involved in helping those who are sick, but is not a primary care giver.  A Helper is someone willing to do individual tasks such as running an errand, taking a meal, respite care, grocery shopping, driving someone to mass.

Neighbor is a St. Maria Goretti Parishioner who is sick or a person who needs assistance providing care to someone who is sick


If you are a parishioner in immediate need, please contact the Parish (317) 867-3213. The St. Francis Ministry to the Sick will contact you regarding your specific situation.

Click Here for resources for those with special needs situations.