Meals Ministry

When someone has experienced the loss of a loved one, is suffering from an illness, or has been blessed with the birth of a child, they can be shown Christ by being provided with a meal by someone who cares, even (or maybe especially) when it is by someone they do not even know.

The Meals Ministry is made up of people who are willing to cook (or order) for Funeral Luncheons or deliver meals to those who need them. Not only does it help financially, but it also means less shopping, cooking, and cleaning for the recipient. Usually recipients are parishioners who have experienced one of the following:

  • The birth of a child
  • The death of a family member
  • Illness, hospitalization, rehab
  • The loss of a job
  • Any situation where a delivered meal might provide relief

Ministry Description

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When help is needed, you will then receive an email asking for assistance. If you do not have an email, we can contact you by phone when help is needed. If you have any questions or would like to be part of the Meals Ministry, just fill out the form below.

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