Homily: May 26, 2013




Peace and goodness to you on this Feast Day!


In 2013 we live in the world with more people than ever before.  We’ve got people around us all the time!  At work, at school, at church, at the store, at restaurants, at sport’s events, there always seems to be a crowd.  And perhaps that contributes as to why in so many ways, in the last twenty years, we have become so individualistic in our isolating ourselves away from the crowds.  We have our own phones and our phone numbers.  We have our own music available just for us.  Thanks to playlists and Pandora and other such web-based music services we have all become our own radio stations.  We have our own individually wrapped and packaged food and drinks that we can eat and drink when we want to.  We have individual temperature controls in our cars and trucks.  We have personal computers and can watch TV by ourselves on our phones, on our tablets, and coming soon in our cars.  Things that we used to do with other people, we now routinely do by ourselves.  Playing cards, watching TV, enjoying a meal all used to be things that we did all the time with our family and our friends.  Today we can more often do all of those things and many more, more often by ourselves than with others.  It may be our insulating ourselves from an increasingly crowded world.  But it certainly isn’t helping our social skills, or our communities, or our families, or our marriages.  The truth is that in fact, our self-centeredness is killing so many of our relationships.


Today we come together as people of Faith to celebrate the great Feast of the Holy Trinity.  And a big part of what we celebrate on this Feast is the unity and love that is shared between the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  That unity and love brings the Trinity into Communion and makes Them One.  The best part about this Feast Day, is that all of us are also called and invited to share in that unity and love.  As the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit live, think, work, move, act, and breathe together, so to are we invited as God’s people to live in unity.  God connects us together.  God unites us in our love and Faith.  At the very heart of the Holy Trinity is relationship.  Our relationships to one another and with one another are also very important.  Many times, much like with the Holy Trinity, our relationships with others define us and make us who are we really are!


This Feast Day then becomes not only a day to remember the awesomeness of our Triune God, but also an opportunity to challenge ourselves to live in the communion and unity that God not only calls us to, but that God models by His own very being!


In particular, the U.S. Bishop’s Conference has asked us to especially let this Feast Day remind us of the unity and communion that exists in the Sacrament of Marriage.  These are very tough days for marriage.  How are married couples supposed to keep their marriage selfless and open to love, when the whole rest of the world is bombarding all of us with the consistent message that the ONLY way to live in this world is by being selfish and looking out for number one, numero uno?  The world’s priorities are all messed up.  And as Catholic Christians trying to be married, and to be family, and even to be community, in the middle of that messed up world, we’ve got to remember what our values and our priorities are!  What we are most starving for is that unity and communion that God is inviting us to!  The world has cut God out of the picture.  It’s true.  And so then we are stuck trying to invent that kind of unity, and love, and communion that God had in store for us from the beginning of the world.  We call things love and intimacy that don’t have anything to do with real love or real intimacy.  We try to create false unions and false communions, that unite us to nothing other than our selfishness.  And we turn relationships into jokes.  We’ve got folks who think that they have more of a relationship with the girl that works at Starbuck’s than they do their own spouse or family.  It’s true.  It’s just not real.  It’s not the real thing.


The Holy Trinity, with God as our model, invites us to get community and relationships right.  Selfishness is never the way.  God is never selfish.  It doesn’t work.  May our community, our marriages, our friendships, and all of our families live on in the unity and love and communion that God intends.  It’s what we really hunger for.  Today, let’s make sure that we are looking for the right things in the right place.


+  May God bless us on this Feast Day,  Father, Son, and Holy Spirit…                         AMEN !!!


St. Maria Goretti…            Pray for us !!!


Homily for Feast of Holy Trinity_2013