Four Signs Week 1

1. Which idea from this chapter impacted you the most?

2. How is God calling you to grow at this time in your life?

3. How can you apply the concept of continuous improvement in your life?

4. At what time in your life were you the most engaged in your Catholic Faith?


This week’s readings for Mass discuss not only the reality that we come from God’s creation, but that we also have chosen sin.  The gospel recounts the tempting of Jesus following his baptism in the River Jordan.  Unlike Israel, when confronted with temptation – Jesus did not fall.  His trust in God did not waiver.  From Chapter 1, “you only hit what you aim at” — what are you aimed at today?  Is God at the “center” of your target?  Also, “everything else, any good thing that we desire for the church and the world, flow from a dynamic relationship with God”.  Jesus calls us to have that kind of relationship with the Father and in turn be able to hit the target – Heaven.